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Before you begin…

The sign-up process should take about five minutes to complete. You can stop and come back to it at any point. If you have questions, please contact us at 800.890.8592 or

Please make sure you have the following information:

  1. School mailing address
  2. Contact information:
    • Primary contact at your school (usually the principal or other administrator)
    • Billing contact at your school (can be the same as the primary contact)
    • Principal at your school
  3. School mascot

After you sign up…

  1. Your school's Primary Contact (identified in the sign-up process) will receive an email immediately after signing up, prompting the identification of your school's Course Support (CS) team.
  2. Each CS team member must register themselves with the DLD. This sign-up process will help them create the credentials they will need to get trained and access our online registration system.
  3. Upon registering with the DLD, each CS team member will be prompted to sign up for our required CS orientation, a 90-minute webinar.
  4. Once the orientation has been completed, your CS team will be ready to enroll students in DLD online courses!

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