Alternative Learning Experience

Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) is primarily distinguished by off-campus instruction. The intent of this type of program is to give schools flexibility to serve a diverse student population. The specific requirements and expectations of these away-from-school learning activities are detailed in a written student learning plan (WSLP) developed and supervised by a public school teacher.

OSPI provides general support, consultation and technical assistance to educators and schools regarding alternative education, with a primary focus on implementing ALE under WAC 392-121-182.

Guidance and documentation

  • The annotated rules include the relevant rule text, explanations, common questions, and sample forms for each section or sub-section.
  • The common questions page gathers all of the questions and answers on to a single page.
  • Questions about teacher certification, HQT, and instructional support services are answered on the ALE & HQT page.
  • Sample forms developed by a working group that included representation from WALA, the State Auditor's Office, OSPI, and several ALE programs. They are intended to be used as samples, and use of the sample forms provided is not required.

Guidance for Serving Students with Disabilities in ALE Programs

OSPI has updated Guidance for Serving Students with Disabilities in ALE Programs.

(Posted March 18, 2014.)

ALE and truancy laws (Becca)

OSPI recently released guidance to ALE programs on complying with truancy laws (Word .doc).

(Posted Nov. 7, 2013.)

ALE revisions for the 2013-14 school year

The Legislature recently made several changes to the Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) laws. As a result of these changes, OSPI has revised the ALE rules. The final revision was filed on November 5, 2013. The final revisions have been incorporated into the annotated rules on this site.


OSPI conducted several webinars in August and September to cover the rule changes. Download the slides used in the webinar. (PDF)

(Updated Nov. 7, 2013.)

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