Section 3e: In-person instructional contact

Rule Text

(e) "In-person instructional contact" means face-to-face contact between a certificated teacher and the student in a classroom environment. In-person instructional contact may be accomplished in a group setting between the teacher and multiple students. The in-person instructional contact must be:

(i) For the purposes of actual instruction, review of assignments, testing, evaluation of student progress, or other learning activities or requirements identified in the written student learning plan; and

(ii) Related to an alternative learning experience course identified in the written student learning plan.


This definition applies to one of the options for contact identified in the requirement for weekly contact, subsection 4.

In addition to the requirement that in-person instructional contact be "face-to-face" between a certificated teacher and one or more students, note that the contact must meet one or more of the specified purposes, and it must relate to a course identified in the WSLP. Contact in non-ALE (thus not on the WSLP) courses does not qualify.

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