Section 6a: Access for all students

Rule Text

Alternative learning experience implementation requirements:

(a) School districts that offer alternative learning experience courses or course work must ensure that they are accessible to all students, including students with disabilities. Alternative learning experience courses or course work for special education students must be provided in accordance with chapter 392-172A WAC.


Enrolling a student in an alternative learning experience is enrolling a student in a public education program. Thus, all the special education requirements contained in WAC 392-172A apply to students enrolled in alternative learning experiences. These include, but are not limited to, child find, evaluations to determine special educational needs, individual educational program (IEP) development requirements, delivery of specially designed instruction, related services, and accommodations in accordance with the IEP. ALE programs should work with district special education staff and IEP teams to determine the appropriateness of placement of a student in an alternative learning experience, and to determine what, if any, additional services or modifications are necessary to ensure the special education student has access to the program.

OSPI has additional guidance for ALE programs on serving students with disabilities.

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