Section 6l: Work-based learning

Rule Text

(l) Work-based learning as a component of an alternative learning experience course of study is subject to the provisions of WAC 392-410-315 and 392-121-124.


Separate laws and rules govern work-based learning. There are substantial differences between work-based learning and ALE in how student FTE is calculated, and in how credit is issued. ALE programs that provide for work-based learning should be clear about these distinctions and the additional requirements of work-based learning pursuant to WAC 392-410-315. Programs should appropriately apply the work-based learning rules (WAC 392-121-124) and not the ALE rules when claiming enrollment for work-based learning programs.

Common Questions

Q. Where can I get more information regarding Work-Based Learning?

A. Detailed guidance on implementing a work based learning experience for students can be found in the Worksite Learning Manual. We also recommend that you contact your district’s CTE Director.

Last updated: 6/1/2015

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