Guidance on Submitting Supporting Evidence

Applicants will be able to submit evidence to demonstrate how the approval criteria is met. Keep these points in mind when submitting this documentation:

  • Do not provide assurances as evidence. Evidence of how your organization meets a given criterion is best presented as documentation of a given policy or procedure or as a link to specific features or demonstrations. We do not recommend submitting only simple statements in the comment box which assert that your organization meets a given criterion without also submitting bodies of evidence demonstrating how your organization meets it.
  • Approval reviewers are not required to search for evidence beyond what has been submitted for a given criterion (which will include, for demo-reliant criteria, course demos). Providers should direct reviewers to the exact location of the evidence that should be considered for a given criterion. Evidence found elsewhere in the application materials (ie, submitted for another criterion) may not necessarily be taken into consideration for the scoring of a given criterion.
  • We recommend using a locally-created spreadsheet or other tracking mechanism to make sure each criteria is supported with submitted evidence. Criteria for which no evidence has been submitted will be marked as zero by the review team.
  • Evidence for demo-reliant criteria should demonstrate the criteria being met in multiple courses, not just one. Providers are strongly encouraged to specify the location of evidence within multiple course demos as reviewers expect to find a providers’ upholding a criterion across all of their course offerings, not just within one exemplar.
  • Multiple pieces of evidence may be submitted to address various aspects of a criterion; seemingly duplicate evidence is not necessary. For any criterion, use the "Add Evidence" button to submit each individual body of evidence and its corresponding notes.
  • The comment box in the evidence upload form is intended for providers to offer assistance to reviewers in locating specific aspects of evidence in the documentation that is submitted. For example: Document X, page 1, paragraph 2; or: Demo course – Math 1, unit 2, lesson 3, activity 4. Providers are encouraged to use screenshots to help pinpoint locations of evidence in addition to specifying page numbers or exact locations of evidence within online course demos. Also, providers may extract quotes from their submitted evidence while also specifying the location of the quotes within the evidence. I.e., "Page 5, paragraph 3 of the teacher handbook includes the following statement: 'Our compliance officer reviews all communication logs weekly.’"
  • If necessary, language can be included within the comment box that explains how the evidence supports a criterion.
  • The evidence submission form allows you to submit one file/note/link for multiple criteria; you should not need to upload the same evidence more than once. You may, however, want to individualize your evidence for each criteria for clarity.
  • The edit button allows you to change – select or unselect – the criteria to which the submitted documentation is assigned.
  • The remove button will remove the piece of evidence from ALL criteria assigned to it.
  • Criteria denoted with an asterisk (*) will be evaluated via course demos submitted by the provider. For these items, providers should offer directions on where to locate evidence within multiple course demos (ie, Math 1, Unit 2, Lesson 3, Activity 4 and English 2, Unit 3, Lesson 4, Activity 5) via the evidence submission form. Other, non-course demo evidence may be submitted if it is necessary to support proof of meeting any of these criteria.
  • Course navigation tutorials should be submitted to ensure reviewers are able to locate and appreciate various aspects of demo courses and the courseware platform.
  • Feel free to submit evidence that you think best supports a criterion even if it isn't on the suggested list of possibilities.