Becoming a DLD Online Course Provider

Upon notifying multi-district online course providers of their approval, the DLD will begin the process of adding the provider's online courses to the DLD online course catalog. Inclusion in the DLD online course catalog will allow any school in the state to enroll students in individual online courses via the DLD online course registration system and requires a contract with OSPI which will be initiated upon provider approval.

New Provider Orientation

Newly approved providers are required to participate in an orientation (in person or via Webinar) hosted by DLD staff. The session will cover such topics as, but not limited to, compliance with online learning rules and statutes; what it means to be an approved provider in Washington state; and your responsibilities for upholding your approved status. Additionally, DLD staff would appreciate the opportunity to gain a personal familiarity with your program and welcomes each provider to present an overview of its program model. Newly approved providers should please submit a meeting request to the DLD with a date and time that works best for you.

DLD-provider partnership agreement

In order to establish a formal partnership with the DLD, the course provider must commit to a pricing agreement that dictates the cost of enrollments and drops for registrations submitted to the provider via the DLD. DLD partnership agreements are subject to the OSPI contracting process and will be enacted when the provider's approval goes into effect. DLD staff will initiate the provider partnership agreement creation process with the provider, upon approval.

Course Registration Protocols

Once a provider has been approved and the process for inclusion in the DLD catalog has been initiated, the provider and the DLD meet to coordinate the assembly of information and processes outlined in the DLD's Course Registration Protocols. The protocols address course catalog preparation, registration files and processing, progress reporting, and invoicing. DLD staff will initiate the course registration protocols meeting, upon approval.

Course Provider Information

The following information is required by all approved online course providers in order to include their online courses in the DLD Course Catalog:

  • Provider statement: including:
    • Provider URL,
    • contact information (phone, email, web, etc.) for your "helpdesk" and/or technical assistance staff
    • Organization statement/pedagogy
    • Intended audience
    • Curriculum alignments
    • AP Audit participation statement
    • Accreditations
    • Instructor certifications (including Highly Qualified designations)
    • Courseware Platform: Brief description of the provider's courseware platform, including the name of the courseware platform provider (ie, BlackBoard) if applicable.
  • Technology Requirements: baseline technology requirements (see other provider examples here) for students, including minimum browser requirements (and non-supported browsers), required browser plugins, course-related software, required bandwidth (and exceptions, ie, does not support dial-up), network Address Ranges (both URL and IP), and required open ports.
  • Demo course access information: URL, username, password, etc. to be posted to the DLD web site and accessed by prospective online students/families and schools.
  • Student Pre-Assessment: If the program offers a (see other provider examples here) (link to: -- an online tool that helps students self-assess readiness for online learning the DLD will post access information (URL, etc) on our site.
  • Textbook Ordering Information: Providers must specify how students/schools obtain required and optional textbooks and materials (ie, required software) upon enrollment in an online course.

Additional information, including but not limited to, course description and syllabus information will be requested of providers during the registration protocols meeting. See entries currently in the DLD online course catalog for examples.