Monitoring and Rescindment

Approved providers are subject to the monitoring and rescindment process.

Monitoring and rescindment triggers

OSPI invites feedback about approved providers through the Issues/Feedback Form.

A rescindment process can be triggered in the following ways:

  • OSPI staff deems a formal complaint filed against the provider warrants investigation.
  • Failure to meet approval/renewal criteria and processes deemed fulfilled at time of last approval/renewal.
  • Failure to uphold required assurances.
  • Failure to submit the required annual report to OSPI.
  • Failure to meet the performance targets.

Immediate rescindment will go into effect if the provider is deemed no longer able to carry out the program/courses described in the approval application, conditions exist that compromise the health and safety of students or staff, or conditions jeopardize the academic or fiscal integrity of the provider/program.

Multidistrict, single district, and affiliate providers are all subject to monitoring and rescindment.

Affiliate Programs

The approval status of an affiliate Online School Program who has aligned its approval to a Multidistrict Online Program Provider is directly tied to that of the program provider. Any change in the program provider's approval status will also apply to the district's program. Any local modifications to the program provider's content, instruction and/or systems would disqualify the district's program from maintaining its OSPI affiliate approval. A district program’s approval status will be rescinded if the Multidistrict Online Program Provider’s approval status is rescinded.

Rescindment process

Providers will be notified if there is substantial evidence that they are not meeting one or more of the approval conditions and that rescindment is being considered. The letter will state the specific areas of concern and the provider will be invited to submit a corrective action plan with a timeline to address the specific areas of concern. If the provider does not respond to the rescindment notice, rescindment goes into effect within 15 business days.

If a corrective action plan is required because of the provider's failure to meet the performance targets, the plan must include a proposed rate of growth to achieve the performance targets. The corrective action plan may take into account factors including, but not limited to, the specific performance targets that were not met and the provider’s student demographics.

OSPI will review the corrective action plan and make a determination based upon whether the plan satisfactorily addresses the specific areas of concern, whether additional actions are necessary, or whether the appeal is substantially incomplete and the approval should be immediately rescinded. Before making this decision, the provider will have the opportunity to clarify and adjust the plan.

Recognizing the serious nature of rescindment and its potential impact on students, districts and providers, OSPI will only rescind approvals if the provider is unwilling to take the necessary corrective actions to make the courses/programs compliant with the approval criteria/assurances.

If OSPI determines that a provider's approval must be rescinded, the rescindment will, to the greatest extent possible, be timed to prevent unnecessary disruption to the education of the students. Enrollments, including second semesters of year-long courses, received by the provider on or before the date of rescindment are not affected by the rescindment; program enrollees will be able to finish the school year as planned. However, OSPI reserves the right to immediately rescind approval of any provider where conditions exist that compromise the health and safety of students or staff or that jeopardize academic or fiscal integrity.

Rescinded providers are able to submit for re-approval during subsequent approval application periods.

Decisions made by the Superintendent of Public Instruction may be appealed as provided for in RCW 34.05.514.