Initial review process and scoring

  • Each application is assigned to a team of three or more reviewers who score evidence supplied in support of each of the 54 approval criteria.
  • Each criterion is worth one point; reviewers may award scores of 1, .5 or 0.
  • Once score sheets and feedback have been submitted, the team of three reviewers is convened for a discussion facilitated by OSPI staff. The facilitator uses a discussion protocol which requires each reviewer to report their scoring and feedback for each criterion so that the three reviewers gain a shared understanding of the evidence as supplied in support of the criteria.
  • Reviewer score sheets are open during the discussions, allowing each reviewer the ability to revise or adjust their scores based on other reviewers' findings. Reviewers are also allowed to independently revisit the evidence and submit revised score sheets.
  • The final, total score awarded by each reviewer for all 54 criteria is tallied; the three total review scores are averaged and, if necessary, rounded to the nearest whole number. The average total score is compared to the cut score (46 pts) to determine approval status.
  • Providers not meeting the cut score are eligible for appeals. The appeals scoring process is described here.


Section Reviewer A Reviewer B Reviewer C
A1 1 1 1
A2 1 .5 1
A3 0 .5 0
... ... ... ...
I5 1 .5 .5
Total 47 46 48

The average total score across the three reviewers is 47, a passing score. Applicant approved.