Single District Approval

School district online providers that have fewer than ten percent non-resident students may choose to seek OSPI approval using the abbreviated single district approval option.


To qualify, the applicant must:

Application Process

Applications are typically reviewed and approved within one week. Please note that the Assurances Letter must be signed by a district superintendent.

Transitioning from Single District to Multidistrict

If, at the end of a school year, the annual average headcount of out-of-district students enrolled in the program increases to ten percent or more of the total program enrollment headcount, the program will be required to opt in or out of multidistrict status beginning in the subsequent school year. Opting in will result in the provider's being listed in the Multidistrict Online School Program section of the Approved Providers List, inferring the willingness and ability to support students enrolling from out of district. The program may continue operating as a single district provider by opting out of the Multidistrict status but must then refrain from enrolling out-of-district students at a rate of ten percent or more.

After the Approval Process

Applicants will be notified of the status of their application. After approval, approved providers are: