Approval Process Timeline

Single District and Affiliate Approval - open year-round

Single district approval and Affiliate approval applications are open year-round and approval goes into effect immediately.

Full review approval - annual cycle

Applications for Full approval are reviewed annually based on the following timeline. Approvals will go into effect in the following school year.

January 1 - Approval criteria and provider application form available on DLD website.

February 1 – Deadline for providers to submit application form for review.

March-June – Approval Reviewers read applications. Applicants notified of approval status. Appeals are due 15 working days after notification. Appeal decisions will be made within 45 working days of receipt of the appeal.

June - Approved providers list updated.

Each of the dates listed move to the subsequent business day if they fall on a holiday or weekend. All are 5:00 pm PT deadlines.

Approval Duration

The initial approval of an online provider will be for a period of four consecutive full school years. Subsequently, the approval will be year-to-year. Learn more about renewing approval.