Approved Providers

Columbia River High School (Vancouver)

Phone: (360) 313-3900

School District: Vancouver Public Schools

Grades Served: 9-12

OSPI Approval

Provider is no longer approved. Details: District's online school program is centralized under "Vancouver Virtual Learning(VVL)":


Student Enrollment Instructions:

Students can learn about applying for enrollment in Columbia River High School (Vancouver) at


Our district’s mission statement is In partnership with home and community, Vancouver Public Schools provides an innovative learning environment that engages and empowers each student to develop the knowledge and essential skills to become a competent, responsible, and compassionate citizen. VPS has adopted the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (5D) curriculum framework.
Columbia River High School is one of four comprehensive high schools in Vancouver Public Schools and is the only site in Southwest Washington to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. In addition, Columbia River offers online courses for students who need flexible, personalized learning options that will assist them in meeting graduation requirements. These courses include Career Choices-JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates), Real Life 101, and Computer Applications for Seniors.


CC-JAG is open to students enrolled in grades 11, 12, who have identified barriers that may prevent them from graduating and offers additional career guidance support services to ensure students are successfully employed and/or enrolled in a post-secondary institution after they graduate.
Real Life 101 is open to students enrolled in grades 10-12 with an interest in learning the essential skills for living on their own after graduation.
Computer Applications is open to students enrolled in grade 12 who are part- or full-time Running Start students as well as any other students needing additional support to complete their Culminating Project.

Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

The program provides a highly qualified Career and Technical Education teacher who makes weekly contact and conducts monthly progress reviews for each online course offering. Career Choices-JAG teachers meet weekly face-to-face with students. Real Life 101 and Computer Applications for Seniors courses are run asynchronously and do allow for optional synchronous student-teacher contact.

Courseware Platform

Glencoe Publishing’s “Succeeding in the World of Work” online curriculum is used for the Career Choices-JAG course.

Both the Computer Applications for Seniors and Real Life 101 courses were developed internally and are delivered through the Canvas Learning Management System.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2012-2013

Teacher-to-student ratio: 38 student FTE:1.0 teacher FTE

Course completion rate: No data%

Course pass rate: No data%

OSPI School Report Card (includes test scores, demographics, and more).

Student Satisfaction Survey

Columbia River High School (Vancouver) did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.