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Advanced Academics

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Phone: (855) 405-7740
Fax: 405-239-1909
NCAA High School Code: 000000
Student information privacy policy:

Grades Served: 6-12

OSPI Approval

Approved as a Multidistrict Online Course Provider Through the 2017-18 school year.


Individual Online Course Purchasing Instructions:

Individual courses from Advanced Academics are available for schools to purchase in the DLD course catalog.


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  • State standards-aligned curriculum
  • A comprehensive learning management system
  • 24/7 support for students, parents, and administrators

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  • Highly qualified, Washington-certified teachers
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  • Student success coaching

Course Offerings


  • Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Lifeskills-Health
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • World Languages


  • Advanced Placement
  • Credit Recovery
  • Honors
  • Standard


Modern Problems, An Innovative Solution

What are some student challenges online education may be able to resolve?

  • Dropout prevention and dropout recovery. Online learning can fight the dropout trend in numerous ways. For instance, perhaps a district has students facing economic hard times. Students drop out so they can work during the day. With online education students can do their schooling whenever and wherever works for them, even in the middle of the night after they finish work.
  • Improved test scores. Often a district already has put all the resources it can justify into tutoring, special training classes, or innovative approaches in the regular classroom. Online courses bring new offerings, often staffed by experts with specialized skills in improving test scores.
  • Improving on-time graduation rates for credit-deficient students. Online education – with interactive methods, links, simulations, and Chat with the teacher – may be a great way to help students graduate.
  • Accelerating students. Often those who want to accelerate are bright and motivated. Why not make courses available to them online and allow them to work at their own pace?
  • Meeting needs of an ethnic group. The standard curriculum may not have the resources to offer as much diversity as it would like. Materials may be there for the taking from the broad curriculum offered in online education.
  • Students who are not being reached currently, such as homeschool or homebound students. Online education offers the opportunity for students to take additional courses, get tutoring on their own time, or accelerate at a pace that suits them.

Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

Teachers are required to have direct personal contact with students each week. Personal contact includes review of assignments, evaluation of progress, and other learning activities. Teachers ensure two-way communication by sending a reminder to the student at the beginning of each school week. Students who do not respond are reported to the local mentor for assistance in establishing two-way communication or for the mentor to establish contact if he/she is a certificated teacher.

The local mentor communicates the requirement for direct personal contact during the development of the written student learning plan. Once enrolled, the student will receive a welcome message from the Connections Learning/Advanced Academics teacher through a secure messaging system within the learning management system, LMS. This message emphasizes the requirement for weekly direct personal contact. This information is also communicated with a welcome telephone call to the student. Direct personal contact with the Connections Learning/Advanced Academics teacher begins on the first Monday of a student’s enrollment.

Synchronous digital instructional contact between a certificated teacher and the student is available through an interactive online chat with sophisticated whiteboard features. Online chat is used for direct instruction, review of assignments, and evaluation of student progress.

All messages, synchronous instruction via online chat, and phone calls are logged in the LMS. Local mentors with administrative permissions can easily access the LMS to view and print reports and communication logs. It is recommended that mentors also document interactions in the LMS. There is no expiration on documentation within the LMS.

Courseware Platform

Advanced Academics’ proprietary learning management system, ROADS, was developed with the K-12 student and administrator in mind. Our goal is to make the online learning experience effective, efficient, and user-friendly for students, parents, and administrators. This includes robust and secure tools for communication, grading, and reporting. The platform is completely web-based and hosted on our servers, requiring very little IT infrastructure from our partner schools and districts.

ALE Support in DLD Catalog

As an OSPI-approved provider that participates in the DLD catalog, Advanced Academics has supplied information on how they support student contact, written student learning plans, and monthly evaluations.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2015-2016

Teacher-to-student ratio: 12:1

Course completion rate: 82% of 3288 enrollments

Course pass rate: 87% of 3288 enrollments

Student Satisfaction Survey

Advanced Academics did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.