DLD Courses - ALE Support

Advanced Academics

Overall ALE support level: Partial

ALE Contact

Abby Shirallie
Manager, School Programs
Phone: (855) 405-7740
Email: ashirallie@connectionseducation.com

Student Contact

Partial Support

Teachers are required to have direct personal contact with students each week. Personal contact includes review of assignments, testing, evaluation of progress, and other learning activities. Teachers ensure two-way contact by sending a reminder to the student at the beginning of each school week. Students who do not respond are reported to the local mentor for assistance in establishing two-way contact or for the mentor to establish contact themselves if they are a certificated teacher.

The local mentor communicates the requirement for direct personal contact during the development of the written student learning plan. Once enrolled, the student will receive a welcome Classmail from the Advanced Academics teacher (secure email delivered through the learning management system, LMS). This classmail emphasizes the requirement for weekly direct personal contact. This information is also communicated with a welcome telephone call to the student. Direct personal contact with the Advanced Academics teacher begins on the first Monday of a student’s enrollment.

Synchronous digital instructional contact between a certificated teacher and the student is available through interactive online chat with a sophisticated whiteboard features. Online chat is used for actual instruction, review of assignments, and evaluation of student progress.

All Classmail messages, synchronous instruction via online chat, and phone calls are logged in the Advanced Academics LMS. Local mentors with administrative permissions can easily access the LMS to view and print reports and communication logs. It is recommended that mentors also document interactions in the LMS. There is no expiration on documentation in the LMS.

Written Student Learning Plans

Partial Support

Learning plans are prepared by the local mentor. The online course syllabus can be the primary component used in creating the WSLP.

The local mentor communicates the written student learning plan to the student and explains that weekly direct personal contact with the Advanced Academics teacher is a primary component of the plan.

Monthly Evaluations and Intervention Plans

Partial Support

The Advanced Academics teacher will perform a monthly evaluation. The teacher communicates the monthly evaluation to the student via Classmail, which is documented in the LMS. Students who choose not to respond to the evaluation are reported to the local mentor for assistance in establishing two-way contact according to the ALE rules.

Students who receive an unsatisfactory evaluation are to be placed on an intervention plan designed to improve progress. The intervention plan is developed by the local mentor in conjunction with the student and the teacher. The local mentor can communicate information about student progress or lack of progress to the Advanced Academics teacher. Collaboration between the Advanced Academics teacher and the local mentor is encouraged to develop interventions that help students quickly improve progress.