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Woodinville High School (Northshore)

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Phone: (425) 408-6605
Fax: 425-408-7707
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School District: Northshore School District

Grades Served: 7-12

OSPI Approval

Approved as a Single District Online School Program from the 2013-14 through the 2016-17 school year.


Student Enrollment Instructions:

NSD students work with their school counselor or the Principal of Alternative Programs to register for appropriate courses.


In partnership with the community, the mission of the Northshore School District is to provide a safe and respectful learning environment for all students to realize academic, social, and personal achievement.

It is our vision to provide high quality instruction and learning for every child, every day, in every classroom environment, whether that be a traditional classroom or an on-line learning experience.

The Northshore School District contracts with Graduation Alliance (aka NoDropouts, formerly known as The American Academy) and APEX Learning to provide a rigorous and relevant on-line education opportunity. The curriculum is aligned with all Washington State and Common Core standards. Through Grad Alliance/NoDropouts, students have access to certified teachers who provide guidance and assistance in real time and have on-line access anytime – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students are awarded credits as they successfully complete courses to a satisfactory standard. APEX is offered either during the school day or after school, where a certificated teacher is present to provide assistance and support to students as they progress through their on-line course.

Course Offerings


  • Arts
  • Business
  • ELL/ESL-supported
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Language Arts
  • Lifeskills-Health
  • Mathematics
  • Occupational credit qualified
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • World Languages


  • Advanced Placement
  • College
  • Credit Recovery
  • Honors
  • Pre-AP
  • Remedial
  • Standard


The Northshore School Distrtic online program provides education options for NSD students. We support students in a variety of models, including:

  • Students who desire to attend their comprehensive or alternative high school and wish to take additional courses that are not offered at their home school
  • Students who are unable to attend their home school full time for medical reasons or other extenuating circumstances
  • Students who need to make up courses that they have failed
  • Students who desire to earn their diploma through an alternative process
  • Students who have dropped out of school and return to earn a diploma through a non-traditional process

The mission and purpose is to serve all students who reside in the Northshore School District who want to access one of the above options.

Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

The NSD online program utilizes APEX Learning and No Dropouts-Graduation Alliance (previously known as The American Academy). Their curriculum provides challenging content and authentic learning experiences and is reviewed annually by educators. Assessments are reviewed based on student learning and scores on multiple assessments. Teachers engage the students through weekly check-ins, or in the case of APEX, sometimes daily. Online delivery takes on many forms and parents are also a part of this process.

Courseware Platform

The Northshore School District contracts with APEX Learning and No Dropouts-Graduation Alliance (previously known as The American Academy) four its online course offerings. Please see the individual provider information at

  • No Dropouts:
  • APEX Learning:

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2012-2013

Teacher-to-student ratio: 1:25

Course completion rate: 65.27%

Course pass rate: 97.38%

OSPI School Report Card (includes test scores, demographics, and more).

Student Satisfaction Survey

Woodinville High School (Northshore) did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.