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East Valley High School (EVSD)

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Phone: (509) 573-7400

School District: East Valley School District

Grades Served: 9-12

OSPI Approval

Approved as a Single District Online School Program from the 2014-15 through the 2017-18 school year.

This program is approved by way of its affiliation with Graduation Alliance (The American Academy). Learn more about Affiliate Approval, here.


Student Enrollment Instructions:

Students can learn about applying for enrollment in East Valley High School (EVSD) at


At East Valley High School (EVHS), our mission is to inspire and empower all in the pursuit of excellence. We are a 9-12th grade high school that serves approximately 800 students. The school, and our community, has rural roots, and we take great pride in the traditions of our school and community. We understand the importance of preparing our students to be college and career ready and supporting them in earning their high school diploma. We also understand that students need multiple opportunities to learn. For this reason, we offer online learning through Graduation Alliance. EVHS Counselors work closely with Graduation Alliance. When students enroll, they meet with a counselor/registrar who reviews their transcript to determine what courses the student needs to earn their diploma. These courses are assigned, and students begin working at their own pace. There are weekly opportunities for each student to meet with a local mentor to discuss their academic progress. The online program also offers online chats with teachers, so students are able to receive help whenever it’s needed. Student progress is continually monitored by both Graduation Alliance and East Valley High School.

Course Offerings


  • Arts
  • Business
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Language Arts
  • Lifeskills-Health
  • Mathematics
  • Occupational credit qualified
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology


  • Credit Recovery
  • Standard


Our online learning program at East Valley High School is designed to offer credit-retrieval opportunities to students who struggled in the traditional classroom for various reasons: earning passing grades, attendance issues, or medical reasons. Graduation Alliance is an alternate way to earn credits for these students who are unable to graduate on time. The ultimate goal (mission) is to give students the valuable opportunity to earn their high school diploma, so they can continue with their post-secondary plans and experience a successful future.

Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

After enrolling, students will be assigned a case manager. This individual completes a multi-step intake with the student that includes a transcript review, school records review, and a meeting with an academic coach. Once the appropriate course of study has been established, students begin their online learning experience. They meet with a local mentor each week to discuss their progress. In addition, teachers are available each day via online chats.

Courseware Platform

East Valley High School contracts with Graduation Alliance to provide alternate online learning opportunities.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2013-2014

Teacher-to-student ratio: 1:20

Course completion rate: 75% of 100 enrollments

Course pass rate: 96% of 100 enrollments

Student Satisfaction Survey

East Valley High School (EVSD) did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.