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Pomeroy High School Online

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Phone: (509) 843-1331
Fax: 509 843 8245
Student information privacy policy:

School District: Pomeroy

Grades Served: K-12

OSPI Approval

Approved as a Multidistrict Online School Program from the 2015-16 through the 2018-19 school year.

This program is approved by way of its affiliation with Greenways Academy. Learn more about Affiliate Approval, here.


Student Enrollment Instructions:

Greenways Academy Enrollment Packet
2015-2016 School Year

• Forms can be returned to Greenways Academy by:
o Fax 314-228-0245
o Email
o Greenways Academy App
(Contact Victoria Bonvento for access)
• The forms have to be signed in INK (electronic signature not accepted)
• When entering the STUDENT’S EMAIL ADDRESS, please ensure it is the CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS and that it is an email address that the student checks on a regular basis. ALL important course information (login instructions, teacher communications, etc.) will be sent to this email address. This email address is critical for the success of the student. Student can expect to receive communication to this email address during the first week of their class.

Enrollment Form
Does your child have an IEP or 504 plan?
The above question applies ONLY to Special Needs students. If your student is NOT a Special Needs student, then please respond with a NO.

Course Selection
Please note that not all courses in the course catalogue are available for state funding. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Core courses meet the needs of a range of students as they endeavor to master rigorous content and earn credits toward graduation. While core courses assume readiness for grade-level academic challenges, they also include targeted scaffolding for students who benefit from additional learning support.
Honors courses meet the needs of motivated students seeking to accelerate their learning and deepen conceptual understanding.
Literacy Advantage courses support academic success n standards-based high school courses for students who are reading below proficient.
Prescriptive pretests identify the content a student has already learned and areas of deficiency. These courses are for credit recovery only.
AP courses meet higher-education expectations of college-level courses and prepare student to demonstrate achievement through success on the AP exams. Courses target highly motivated student who are reading at grade level or above and who have a track record of success in high school coursework.

Written Student Learning Plan
Fill out student name, grade level, and current school. List courses, number of credits, and the due date (courses are due in 18 weeks for 0.5 credit courses or at the end of your school year for 1 credit courses). Please leave other fields blank.

Choice Transfer Request
Releasing School District:
This is the name of the public WA School district that is associated with the student’s address. This student may not have attended a public school in this public school district. It does not matter – the state just needs a reference regarding the geographical area this student belongs to.

Fill in all of the student’s information:
Student Name
Student DOB
Grade that student is going to be in September 2015
Telephone number of PARENT
LEGIBLE Email address of PARENT, etc.
Parent name, contact information
Residence Address of the student (NOT the private school or school district)
Leave Mailing Address blank if it is the ‘same’ as the Residence address

Name of Current or Last School Attended:
Put down the name of the private school that you are enrolled in currently

Fill in information about student’s past issues with regard to attendance and performance.
Page 2:
Parent must sign and date the forms.


Pomeroy’s On-line school program helps students within Pomeroy School District and students outside of Pomeroy School District to access quality online learning courses. Students must be residents of WA State to enroll in this program. Our program provider Greenways Academy prides itself in offering extensive support to students.
CPPS implemented on-line education as an alternative for students in traditional schools. Our objective is to help students with original credit, credit retrieval, credit enhancement, elective courses, and Advanced Placement courses. With one-on-one teaching for every course through WA certificated/HQ teachers, we get to know our students and utilize the strengths of their personalities and learning styles to ensure their success. The flexibility of our program sets us apart from traditional schools by offering students an educational setting that works with their learning strengths, weaknesses, or personalities.
CPPS is currently using PLATO (Edmentum) course ware as well as APEX and Pearson curriculum. In addition we offer Washington State History from Red Comet. All of these are OSPI approved. We are currently evaluating other OSPI approved courseware and will seek approval to include them in our offering when we get to that point.

Course Offerings


  • Arts
  • Business
  • ELL/ESL-supported
  • Language Arts
  • Lifeskills-Health
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • World Languages


  • Advanced Placement
  • Credit Recovery
  • Honors
  • Pre-AP
  • Remedial
  • Standard


The focus of our program will be for home schooled and private school non full time students.

Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

Written Student Learning Plan
2015-2016 School Year

Student Name ______________________ School ____________________
Grade Level _______________________
Start Date ____September 1, 2015______
End Date ____June 15, 2016___________
Estimated hours per week to complete the activities in this plan: _____________ (5 hours per course)
Course Title Course Code (CEDARS) Credit (0.5 or 1.0) Date Due Certificated Teacher LMS Used for Course

These courses meet one or more of the Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements.
This written student learning plan (WSLP) defines the activities necessary to accomplish the learning goals and performance objectives planned for the above named student’s alternative learning experience (ALE) program of study. The information documented in this plan is required by state regulation for all state-funded ALE programs (WAC 392-121-182).
Students Must Maintain Weekly Contact:
Students are required to maintain weekly direct personal contact with their certificated teacher and that contact shall be for the purpose of instruction, review of assignments, testing, inquiries on progress, or other learning activities. All meetings between certificated teacher and student will be done weekly through email, the applicable learning management system, telephone, or though synchronous digital pathways. All weekly contact will be documented.

Monthly Progress Evaluation:
Student monthly progress is measured at the discretion of the certificated teacher based on weekly monitoring and the students’ ability to complete instructor-initiated learning benchmarks for the month. If a student fails to make progress all weeks, then monthly progress is deemed “Unsatisfactory” and an Intervention Plan will be put into place for the following month. Also, if student consistently fails to communicate, regardless of progress, an “Unsatisfactory” rating will result.
Student monthly progress is specifically evaluated against progress benchmarks, which are clearly defined in the online course/core course for each month. In addition to the course schedule, these benchmarks may also come in the form of lesson, unit, assignment and /or assessment completion dates assigned by the teacher. These established progress benchmarks would allow teacher and students to assess the students’ educational progress in meeting the course learning standards.
Course Description/Syllabus can be found online at: and are also available on applicable learning management system
Instructional Materials can be found online at: and are also available on applicable learning management system
Learning Goals/Objectives can be found online at: and are also available on applicable learning management system
Learning Activities can be found online at: and are also available on applicable learning management system
Online courses are accessed via login and password emailed directly to the student upon enrollment.

Student Signature Parent Signature


School Counselor Signature Greenways Certificated teacher/school staff signature*
*WAC 392-121-182 section 4(a): “For students whose written student learning plan includes only online courses, the written student learning plan may be developed and approved by a certificated teacher or a school-based s

Courseware Platform

Our courseware platform is managed by Greenway Academy a prior approved online provider.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2014-2015

Teacher-to-student ratio: 1:25

Course completion rate: 75% of 0 enrollments

Course pass rate: 95% of 0 enrollments

Student Satisfaction Survey

Pomeroy High School Online did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.