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White Pass Learning Academy

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Phone: (360) 497-7086 ext.3004
Fax: 360-497-5816

School District: White Pass

Grades Served: 9-12

OSPI Approval

Approved as a Single District Online School Program from the .


Student Enrollment Instructions:

Admission Procedure:
1. Pick up an application packet in the White Pass High School Office.
2. Complete application packet including student information form, medical release, immunization records, and transcripts from all previously attended schools.
3. Schedule an interview with the Admissions Team.


White Pass Learning Academy Program Description:
The administration and faculty of White Pass School District developed the WPLA program to meet the needs of a wide range of students and enable them to reach their academic goals and become productive citizens.
WPLA is an alternative education program. WPLA students learn the same subject content they would in regular classes. The subjects taken are determined by the Washington State minimum graduation requirements. Students’ progress through their educational program using on-line, computer based instruction, blended learning, or individual targeted study. Outside of traditional school hours access allows WPLA students more flexibility in their schedules and their lives.
Through a partnership with Cispus Outdoor learning Center, the Randle Library, and the White Pass Ski Resort, WPLA allows a choice and an opportunity to be successful in the classroom and out. The combination of academic support through online curriculum, and behavioral, social, emotional and experiential skill building support through outdoor activity provide a unique comprehensive learning/growing experience.

Students who are enrolled in WPLA and meet the minimum state graduation requirements will be granted a WPLA HS Diploma.
Edmentum Plato Courseware is a standards-based online learning program grounded in a tradition of solid research, sound pedagogy, and applied innovation.
Whether students are falling behind, at grade level, or advanced, accommodate their unique needs in an environment in which they will thrive.

Course Offerings


  • Language Arts
  • Lifeskills-Health
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies


  • Credit Recovery
  • Standard


Some students do not experience success in a traditional school program for a variety of reasons. Academic background, behavior problems, attendance issues, or other family, financial, or health issues can result in less than desirable school experiences. Students in these situations can fall behind. Understanding ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) also play a role in the real lives of our children, the goal of the WPLA is three fold:
1. Provide a local opportunity for students regularly enrolled in White Pass School District to make-up credits needed for graduation.
2. Provide students with a quality alternative to the traditional high school program.
3. Establish a school with the necessary components that will provide the academic rigor, social, emotional and life skill support our students need. This includes team building, cooperative learning experiences as well as learning what it means to be adaptable, flexible, and resilient.

Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

Academic Requirements: High school students are expected to earn a minimum of .5 credits (one semester credit) each month.

Students will meet 16 hours a week with the teacher in a class setting. Students may conference with the teacher weekly about how their learning and coursework is going, and must be graded, and show significant progress, monthly. WPLA defines progress as completing the equivalent of 1 semester credit each month. Students must sign a page reporting their weekly study hours, including all hours of study at home, each week, and sign the monthly evaluation each month.

Courseware Platform

Edmentum/Plato Courseware provides courses in a wide range of core subjects, electives, world languages, honors, and Advanced Placement® offerings. Courses consist of integrated assessments; including exemptive pretests that allow learners to forgo content they have already mastered and focus on the concepts that need additional work. Course-level assessments also include tests for each course module to ensure concept mastery.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2014-2015

Teacher-to-student ratio: 1:10

Course completion rate: 80% of 10 enrollments

Course pass rate: 100% of 10 enrollments

Student Satisfaction Survey

White Pass Learning Academy did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.