DLD Courses - ALE Support

Apex Learning

Overall ALE support level: Partial

ALE Contact

Joseph O'Leary
Guidance Coordinator
Phone: (206) 381-5614
Email: joseph.oleary@apexlearning.com

Student Contact

Partial Support

When a student is identified by his or her school counselor or mentor as needing ALE support, Apex Learning┬« Virtual School Washington-certified teachers will have contact with the student either via email, phone, discussions, or other means of digital communication. Teachers will interact with each student, grade submitted work, and respond to questions. The student learning plan, developed by the student’s school counselor and/or mentor, will include expectations for two-way communications. If the student is non-responsive during the semester, the teacher will include the mentor and coach on outreach attempts, relying on the mentor for support and one-on-one contact with the student. The email outreach may become and remain a part of school records, at the mentor’s discretion.

Apex Learning Virtual School teachers also conduct office hours for scheduled synchronized instruction. Respective office hours are posted in the teacher profiles and provided to students with introductory emails. Office hour sessions are recorded for reference and documented for attendance. Recordings are available to mentors and coaches for one school year subsequent to the student’s completion of his or her course(s).

Written Student Learning Plans

Partial Support

The student’s school counselor and/or mentor will a) compile the information necessary for a written student learning plan based on the required ALE elements, b) secure the student’s agreement to the learning plan, and c) provide a signed copy of the agreement to the Apex Learning Virtual School teacher, who will monitor student work, document progress, and evaluate performance accordingly. Based on reports of student progress and contact with the student, the mentor may also initiate development of an intervention plan.

Monthly Evaluations and Intervention Plans

Partial Support

The Apex Learning Virtual School Services Team will provide documentation, on a weekly basis via automated email, to the student’s school counselor and/or mentor regarding the student’s progress. The documentation will be based on standard course information available via reports of student progress and performance to-date. The student’s mentor will also have access to the mentor grade book which provides real-time reports on student progress and engagement.

The Apex Learning Virtual School guidance coordinator will send weekly notifications to all students who are not adequately progressing in their courses. Such notifications are also sent to the mentors and coaches who are associated with the student account.

If the student is failing to progress or meet the applicable requirements, an intervention plan will be developed by the student’s school counselor and/or mentor. In turn, the mentor will communicate the plan to the Apex Learning Virtual School teacher and Apex Learning Virtual School guidance coordinator in order to address the specific needs of the student in a timely manner.