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DigiPen Institute of Technology - Online Academies

Overall ALE support level: Full

ALE Contact


Student Contact

Full Support

DigiPen teachers are required to have direct personal contact with students weekly, and students spend 20% of their instructional time (1 hour) during the week in a synchronous instructional session with their teacher. This requirement is communicated to students in the DigiPen information on the DLD website and on our websites. Student attendance in the streaming online class is kept on a spreadsheet which is gladly shared with mentors either on request or sent monthly.

Written Student Learning Plans

Full Support

DigiPen teachers create WSLPs for all students in our online courses and deliver them via direct personal contact. Mentors are sent a copy of the WSLP or can request it in the event they do not receive a copy. If a student is not responsive to the teacher’s attempt at contact, the mentor will be called upon to help resolve the communication problem. We have the ability to distribute and get documents signed online and can also distribute documents to parents if we have their emails.

Monthly Evaluations and Intervention Plans

Full Support

A monthly evaluation is performed, and local mentors are sent a copy or can request it in the event they do not receive a copy. If a student is progressing unsatisfactorily, the DigiPen teacher will create an intervention plan in collaboration with the local mentor and communicate it to the student. Students have 30 days to catch up on all late work, or they can be removed from the program.