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EdOptions Online Academy (Edmentum)

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Phone: (866) 890-8153 ext._____
Fax: 1-703-243-8472
NCAA High School Code: 470109

Grades Served: 6-12

OSPI Approval

Approved as a Multidistrict Online Course Provider 2014-15 through the 2017-18 school year.


Individual Online Course Purchasing Instructions:

Individual courses from EdOptions Online Academy (Edmentum) are available for schools to purchase in the DLD course catalog.


EdOptions Academy provides Internet-based programs for learners of all ages who desire a quality high school education. We are founded on the belief that all students,regardless of age, ability, location, gender, and background should have access to a rigorous and personalized educational program. EdOptions Online Academy removes the barriers of the traditional “brick and mortar” school to ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve a high school diploma. We facilitate student success by combining highly qualified instructors and our standards-based Plato Courseware curriculum. We deliver a contemporary education to meet the needs of all learners.

Course Offerings


  • Business
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Language Arts
  • Lifeskills-Health
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • World Languages


  • Advanced Placement
  • Credit Recovery
  • Remedial
  • Standard


  • Accelerated Learners
  • Struggling Students
  • Homeschooled students
  • Athletes/Performers
  • Military Families
  • Homebound Students
  • Transfer Students

Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

Students at EdOptions Academy takes courses either in a blended learning environment at their school or from the homes. Interaction between student and instructor is frequent and varied depending on the needs of the student and the environment where the student is taking classes. The communication will be in the form of phone calls, text messages, e-mails, Instant Messenger, Webinars, and messaging from within the learning environment (PLE).

Courseware Platform

All EdOptions courses may be taken in Full Course Mode or Pre-Assessment Mode, which includes automated assessments and produces a targeted course of study individualized for each student. This allows us to provide a customized course of study to fit the unique needs of each student.

Who may take a course in Pre-Assessment Mode?:

  • Students who have previously taken a significant portion of a course at a different school, but did not earn credit.
  • Students who have failed an EdOptions course.

ALE Support in DLD Catalog

As an OSPI-approved provider that participates in the DLD catalog, EdOptions Online Academy (Edmentum) has supplied information on how they support student contact, written student learning plans, and monthly evaluations.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2013-2014

Teacher-to-student ratio: 1:35

Course completion rate: 86%

Course pass rate: 92%

Student Satisfaction Survey

EdOptions Online Academy (Edmentum) did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.