Approved Providers

Productive Learning Online Corporation

Phone: (800) 935-6916
Fax: 800-721-2163

Grades Served: K-12

OSPI Approval

Removed from the Approved list because the program's OSPI approval was rescinded. Details: Rescinded on July 26, 2011.



Productive Learning Online knows that students succeed when the virtual is made personal. That is why we work with families to personalize the experience around their needs and those of their students. Families decide when and where a student works. Families can follow the traditional nine month school calendar, spread out the work over a year-round program, or enroll for summer school to help a struggling student back on track. Families can choose to work on a standard full load, or work on a fewer number of courses at an accelerated rate. Productive Learning Online helps tailor the education to the individual by providing choices.

Freedom only works when people work. We maintain frequent contact with families and students, but our teachers are not standing over the student’s shoulder, so the students need to be dedicated, and if that dedication slips, parents need to be adults and keep their students working. If your students are struggling, please remember, we are here to help. The state has set some base line expectations, but meeting them should never a concern for those who desire a quality education.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2009-2010

Teacher-to-student ratio: 18

Course completion rate: 66%

Course pass rate: 97%

Student Satisfaction Survey

Productive Learning Online Corporation did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.