Approved Providers

Kaplan Academy of Washington

Phone: 509-427-5674
Fax: 509-427-4028

School District: Stevenson-Carson

Grades Served: 7-12

OSPI Approval

Provider is no longer approved. Details: Closed by the Stevenson-Carson School District after the 2011-12 school year.


Student Enrollment Instructions:

Students/families will find the complete KAWA enrollment process explained at
Click on the “Apply Now” button and you’ll be able to access the application documents and create a log-in for your private parent account. From this website you can also link to a live representative, via telephone or chat, if you desire.


Serving full- and part-time students in grades 7 through 12, the Kaplan Academy of Washington (KAWA) delivers a rigorous and relevant curriculum with the depth and breadth needed to meet state graduation requirements and prepare students for post-secondary success. Courses are aligned to Washington standards and are built to flexibly accommodate the varying needs of Washington students. These students come from diverse backgrounds and exhibit a remarkable range of academic needs and life circumstances: students who need access to AP and honors courses to upgrade their academic resume for college applications; students desiring courses not available in their home district; students who struggle to finish high school while satisfying the demands of the workplace, family care, or intensive training in the arts or athletics; students needing credit recovery or credit advancement – these are just a few of the populations we serve at KAWA. Our online program enables students to complete school work from home and still receive teacher guidance, sound pedagogy, rigorous content, and academic support.

KAWA provides engaging, interactive courses taught by responsive, highly-trained, state-certified teachers. We employ the right mix of independent computer time, instructor-led teaching and discussion, and academic coaching support. We engage a number of protocols to build a unique learner portrait as we gain understanding of each student’s learning needs and demonstrated capabilities. Our system platforms provide a wealth of data on student performance and activity, which we monitor and analyze so we can spot trends and know when to adjust a student’s learning plan, and where additional support may be needed. These protocols keep students on pace and drive achievement. While providing students with a highly supportive environment, we also strengthen their ability to work independently and take charge of their learning program. By offering individualized curricular paths, flexible study hours, close monitoring and support, and multimedia-driven courses that appeal to different learning styles, KAWA meets diverse student needs with a technology-rich solution that adapts to each learner.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2009-2010

Teacher-to-student ratio: 27:1

Course completion rate: 75 %

Course pass rate: 54 %

Student Satisfaction Survey

Kaplan Academy of Washington did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.