Approved Providers

Bethel Online Academy

Phone: 253.683.6830
Fax: 253.683-6849

School District: Bethel

Grades Served: 7-12

OSPI Approval

Removed from the Approved list because the program's OSPI approval was rescinded. Details: Bethel is no longer offering online courses through Bethel Online Academy (BOA), and the district withdrew BOA's accreditation. As a result OSPI has rescinded the approval for BOA.


Student Enrollment Instructions:

Students apply through our online process or in person at our Bethel Online Academy store front. Based on seat availability and validation that they are a resident student, parent or guardian submits a complete registration packet. If the student has special eduction services, the I.E.P. team meets to ensure placement and services for the student. If the student is an out-of-district candidate, they are referred to their resident district to obtain the appropriate district release before continuing the enrollment process. Once the student’s application and registration materials have been completed and approved, the student is scheduled an orientation. The student’s orientation will provide the initial steps of creating the student’s individualized learning plan, educational targets and timelines, initial program start-ups, academic and technical supports, teacher and advisor contacts, course of study, and beginning access into our distance learning platform and services. A face-to-face orientation is available to provide personalization and hands-on access to our program. Student intakes occur approximately every six weeks. Personal connection and representation is available to students desiring blending services and program with neighborhood school and area programs.


The Bethel School District in 2003 created Bethel Online Academy (B.O.A.). Our distance-learning school is an accredited program that provides a choice alternative to traditional education. B.O.A. implements curriculum and delivery systems aligned to district and state standards that are validated by our district’s Curriculum and Review Team process. Our 7th – 12th grade distance learning program serves self-motivated students who are looking for individualized education options with flexibility to achieve high academic standards. Our students have the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma with necessary skills to be successful in multiple post-high school endeavors. Students’ individual needs are met through personalization. Students have choices to use distance learning as well as Monday – Friday walk-in labs where students can have face to- face contact with teachers to enhance their computer-based curriculum. Students can speak with their teachers and advisors by phone, email, electronic means, or in person. Each student receives a personal learning plan through their academic advisor. Running Start and Skill Center programs are available to integrate.

Our distance learning program offers core, elective, and Career and Technical Education courses. Bethel Online Academy is staffed by Bethel School District teachers that hold highly qualified certificates in all academic areas that they instruct. District bus transportation is available throughout our school district to support student access to our academic support labs. Our 24 hour, 7 day per week program has teclmical and academic support systems. Parents and students can petition for extended year support to assist deeper academic achievement and/or course recovery opportunities. Extra curricular activities are also available throughout the school year, including athletics for district students at their neighborhood school, as well as blending academic programs that students may desire to have such as music, drama, lR.O.T.C., and hands-on technical classes.


Our student population comes to us as an option for their traditional high school. Most of our students are AT RISK. Several of our students are considered 5th year seniors. The majority of our students are working to make up courses and catch up from struggling in the traditional high school program.

Courseware Platform

We use Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning) Learning Platform,
SKYWARD (EA +) for parent teacher communication and grading.
MyBethel at as a source for links to classes other important information.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2010-2011

Teacher-to-student ratio: 1:30

Course completion rate: N/A%

Course pass rate: N/A%

Student Satisfaction Survey

Bethel Online Academy did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.