Approved Providers

Columbia Tech High

Phone: 509-493-1500
Fax: 509-493-2275

School District: White Salmon Valley

Grades Served: 9-12

OSPI Approval

Provider is no longer approved. Details: The White Salmon Valley School District closed the program after the 2012-13 school year.


Student Enrollment Instructions:

Students and/or their parents may enroll students in courses by visiting our Web site ( and completing our online registration form. As part of the enrollment process, students and families receive a set of forms that must be signed and returned (by fax, mail, or email) to our office before their enrollment is finalized. Once finalized, students receive confirmation of their enrollment, plus information about their class, instructor, and class orientation schedule via a series of automated emails prior to the first of class. Students may also call an enrollment adviser at 888-904-2267 to enroll over the phone.


Columbia Tech High, in partnership with Giant Campus of Washington, provides supplemental online curriculum to students in Washington State. We believe that blended learning models utilizing high-quality online curriculum offer students an efficient way to expand their educational options.

Developed by an experienced team of educators, subject matter experts, and visual designers, our online courses can provide skills, experience, and quality instruction to put students on a path to personal, professional, and academic success.


Students from all experience and skill levels find our online courses informative, engaging, and flexible enough to fit into their traditional school schedules. Students may work on assignments during times convenient for them, chat online with classmates, post to class forums, and meet one-on-one with instructors during his or her weekly office hours.

EXPECTATIONS – While the online format may be more flexible or convenient than a traditional classroom for some students, the coursework is still rigorous and requires dedication and focus to be successful. Students must devote time every day to studying, asking questions, completing assignments, and staying in close contact with teachers.

REQUIRED SKILLS – Computer literacy is important for students to be successful in our courses, including the ability to use a computer, correspond via email, navigate with a web browser, follow multiple-step instructions, read and comprehend at a 6th-grade level or above, follow a lesson schedule, and complete coursework on time.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES – Our courses are accessible to people with vision impairments who rely on screen reading software, and are accessible for students with limited mobility who need to navigate course content using a computer keyboard instead of a mouse.

ENGAGEMENT – Growing evidence indicates that CTE programs – with course offerings similar to our career education electives – can improve student learning trajectories by reducing dropouts and absentee rates, improving engagement and achievement, and easing transitions for college-bound students.

BUILDING PORTFOLIOS – The project-based lesson structure of our career education electives offers many opportunities for students to complete challenging design and programming projects, which provide authentic evidence of the skills and knowledge that they have mastered during the course.

Courseware Platform

Columbia Tech High uses a proprietary learning management system developed by our program partners, called the e2020 LMS, which includes the Virtual Classroom and the e2020 SIS. Students use the Virtual Classroom to complete lessons, vocabulary, assignments, labs, quizzes, and essays, as well as access online content and eResources. Students also have access to instructional support through the LMS from virtual instructors, concept coaches, and live chats with academic success coaches.

Through the e2020 SIS, districts and teachers have access to detailed student reports and retain complete control over a myriad of assessment options that empower schools to accommodate needs, measure concept mastery, and accelerate progress.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2009-2010

Teacher-to-student ratio: 7.1 students/teacher

Course completion rate: 82%

Course pass rate: 94%

Student Satisfaction Survey

Columbia Tech High did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.