DLD Courses - ALE Support

Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning)

Overall ALE support level: Full

ALE Contact

Rachael Krueger, M.Ed.

Phone: (855) 228-6070 ext.5180
Email: rkrueger@getfueled.com

Student Contact

Full Support

When a student is identified as needing ALE support, our teachers are required to have direct personal contact with these students weekly. Types of contact include: email, phone, course journal, and other means of digital communication. If a student does not reciprocate the contact after three documented attempts, the Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning) teacher, or designated person, will inform the school administrator or mentor. This contact is documented weekly and the documentation is compiled and sent out to mentors from our Instructional Client Representative at the end of each month.

Written Student Learning Plans

Full Support

Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning) teachers work directly with the student’s mentor to create the WSLP for students that are identified as needing ALE support. The school will be responsible for designing the WSLP and confirming that they have included the required components specified in the ALE rules and send the plan to the teacher or Instructional Client Representative. Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning) will provide the content and course information, including the pacing guide and syllabus if needed. Once the learning plan is created, the teacher will send the learning plan to the student with a request for the student to respond and agree to the plan. The Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning) teacher together with the mentor will be responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and documenting the student’s progress on a regular basis.

Monthly Evaluations and Intervention Plans

Full Support

The Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning) teacher will provide documentation related to the student’s progress to the school administer, student and parent at the end of each month. Documentation will be based on the learning goals and performance objectives defined in the WSLP. The mentor also has access to regular progress and engagement reports and can also check student progress in PEAK at any time.

If it is determined that the student failed to make satisfactory progress or other requirements set in the WSLP, an intervention plan will be developed for the student. The intervention plan is created by the teacher and communicated to the student, mentor and administrator. The mentor is also expected to work with the teacher to identify any concerns regarding the student progress.