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Northwest Allprep

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Phone: (503) 313-6836
Fax: 360-260-9777
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School District: Toppenish

Grades Served: 3-12

OSPI Approval

Approved as a Multidistrict Online School Program Through the 2016-17 school year.


Student Enrollment Instructions:

Interested Students should go online to
to enroll. After a student fills out an application they will be contacted and a meeting will be set up with their assigned teacher. Students must also fill out a Choice form to deliver to their local school district.
At the first student-teacher meeting courses will be assigned, expectations defined, and future meeting schedules will be set.
More information can be found at the website – www.nwallprep,com.


NWAllprep’s objective is to provide students with the strong academic content necessary for future and current employment as well as post secondary education. NWA emphasizes traditional content through an online computer based delivery. Traditional academic proficiencies include the minimum graduation standards required by the State of Washington and the sponsoring school district. NWA infuses state standards through the use of exciting educational software, Small Learning groups, mentoring, and an emphasis on one-on-one teacher-to-student collaboration. NWA works to sustain a vital collaboration with local businesses, community colleges and other community partners as it has a Community Service learning requirement.
Northwest AllPrep is designed to be a leader in the innovative application of online learning stressing Rigor Relevance and Relationships.
Educational Goal: Northwest Allprep has as its educational goal to graduate job and college ready students, as well as to stand as a model and test bed for other schools with the same objectives
Curriculum for grades 3-12 is provided by OdysseyWare, an Arizona based company that has a long history of developing on-line curriculum. All curriculum is designed to meet the Washington State Standards as defined by OSPI. Parents and/or guardians in the elementary program administer their students’ coursework on a day-to-day basis, providing structure, guidance and academic support. The NWALLPREP teacher/advisor is available on a daily, workday, basis to answer questions, and support the parent in these goals and is required to meet with the student regularly.
In addition to the on-line curriculum, students in the program are invited to participate in on-site enrichment classes. Students also gather several times each year for field trips and social events.
In addition, NWALLPREP high school students can complete a service-learning course, volunteering at least 40 hours with a nonprofit organization while learning about themselves, their community and the world.
Students can also complete a Capstone Project their Senior year
Students at NWALLPREP are working towards being self-directed learners who are prepared to set and meet goals toward successful completion of school. Parents and/or guardians of students should be available to monitor students’ coursework, and to provide structure, guidance and academic support. Personalization of the diploma is paramount at NWALLPREP. Each student is assigned a certified teacher who meets with the student, and usually a parent, to provide academic support and set goals toward meeting the student’s 4-year plan. The NWALLPREP advisor is available to answer questions and support the student and parent in reaching these goals.

Course Offerings


  • Arts
  • Business
  • Language Arts
  • Lifeskills-Health
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • World Languages


  • College
  • Credit Recovery
  • Remedial
  • Standard


NWallprep is intended to serve those students that are more successful being educated in a home-online environment.

Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

Northest Allprep requires weekly student teacher (synchronous) contact, at a minimum, and more frequent contact as needed. This contact is usually done face to face, but can also be done via online media systems or the phone. Students can also ask their teacher(s) questions via the learning software, Odysseyware, anytime day or night. Questions that are asked outside of the regular school day are normally answered the next school day. (asynchronous)
Students who fall behind may have the option of catching up in the summer.

Courseware Platform

ODYSSEYWARE is a leading provider of online curriculum and eLearning solutions for charter, public, and virtual schools across the United States. With more than thirty years of experience, ODYSSEYWARE provides innovative, 21st century learning opportunities for today’s tech-savvy learners. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, the company has effectively revolutionized online education by offering a multimedia-enriched curriculum for grades 3-12.

Founded on research-based educational models, ODYSSEYWARE’s curriculum reaches digital natives and students who are challenged within the constraints of the traditional classroom. With the accelerated use of technology, the company enhanced its curriculum to include an increasing number of interactive and Internet-based features. Today, the company offers students a customizable, web-based curriculum accessible from any place at any time.

“When students are engaged,” said Kevin Youngblood, vice chairman and president of ODYSSEYWARE, “they will take charge of their education.”

Used in more than 2,500 school districts, ODYSSEYWARE includes courses in the core subjects of history and geography, math, language arts, and science, as well as a variety of electives. To ensure students begin at the appropriate grade level, placement testing is available for elementary, middle, and high school students.

As technology continues to change, ODYSSEYWARE is committed to delivering curriculum that provides an enriching and enjoyable educational experience. Through the efforts of a devoted team of curriculum developers, subject experts, and support staff, ODYSSEYWARE remains dedicated to helping all students achieve academic success.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2010-2011

Teacher-to-student ratio: 1:36

Course completion rate: 76%

Course pass rate: 87%

OSPI School Report Card (includes test scores, demographics, and more).

Student Satisfaction Survey

Data for school year: 2015-2016

Average Student Satisfaction:
4.7 (39 responses)

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