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Peninsula Internet Academy

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Phone: (253) 530-3970
Fax: 253.530.3720

School District: Peninsula School District

Grades Served: 9-12

OSPI Approval

Approved as a Single District Online School Program Through the 2017-18 school year.


Student Enrollment Instructions:

Students, in grades 9-12, who wish to enroll in the PIA program while attending a Peninsula School District High School will complete the Initial Individualized Learning Plan in their high school counselor’s office. The counselor, parent and student must sign this plan. The plan then goes to the high school registrar who puts the course(s) in the student’s schedule. The high school registrar will send the Initial Learning Plan to the PIA registrar to be processed and the student will be enrolled in the online orientation. For these students, the online classes are scheduled with their traditional classes and the process is seamless to students and parents. The district’s Online Learning Specialist facilitates and documents all ALE processes including: Individualized Learning Plans, weekly contact, monthly assessment of adequate progress and Intervention Plans as needed.

Students who choose to enroll in the Full Time PIA Program complete the online enrollment request posted on the PIA website ( The PIA registrar will then email the link to the enrollment forms needed. After the forms are completed and turned in to the PIA registrar a meeting is set up with the Online Learning Specialist. If accepted into the program Full Time students will be enrolled in Henderson Bay High School. All counseling, scheduling and registration processes are coordinated by the district’s Online Learning Specialist. The Online Learning Specialist also facilitates and documents all ALE processes including: Individualized Learning Plans, weekly contact, monthly assessment of adequate progress and Intervention Plans as needed.

In all cases, once the student’s application and registration materials have been completed and approved, the student is scheduled in an online orientation. The student’s orientation will provide the initial steps of creating the student’s Individualized Learning Plan, educational targets and time lines, initial program start-ups, academic and technical supports, teacher and advisor contacts, course of study, and beginning access into our distance learning platform and services. A face-to-face orientation is available to provide personalization and hands-on access to our program.

Each student enrolled also receives a written Individualized Student Learning Plan that is designed to meet the student’s individual educational needs. Once a student’s learning plan is understood and signed by the student, parent,and Online Learning Specialist the student is entered in his/her course(s) as scheduled.

If the student has special education services, the I.E.P. team meets to ensure appropriate placement and services for the student.

In rare cases, when it is determined by the School Principal to be in the best interest of the student, Middle School students can be accepted into the program to take high school classes for credit. This is only available on a case by case basis and only when the Middle School Principal has initiated the process. Parents must first contact the building Principal to start this discussion.


Peninsula Internet Academy (PIA) was started in 2007. Our online learning program uses the OSPI accredited provider Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning) for its content, curriculum, highly qualified teachers and support for the LMS housed in the district. Peninsula School District’s partnership with Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning) provides powerful engaging choices and alternatives to traditional education for 9th – 12th graders. The partnership allows PIA to implement curriculum and delivery systems aligned to district and state standards that are validated by our district’s Instructional Advisory Committee’s processes.

PIA’s 9th – 12th grade distance learning program serves self-motivated students who are looking for individualized education options with flexibility to achieve high academic standards. Our students have the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma with necessary skills to be successful in multiple post-high school endeavors. Students’ individual needs are met through personalization. Students have choices to use distance learning as well as Monday – Friday walk-in labs where students can get additional assistance. Students can speak with their teachers and the Online Learning Specialist by: phone, email, electronic means, or in person. Each student receives a personal learning plan through the Online Learning Specialist. Running Start and Skill Center programs are available to integrate.

Our distance learning program offers core, elective, and Career and Technical Education courses. Our 24 hour,7 day per week program has technical and academic support systems. Parents and students can petition for extended year support to assist deeper academic achievement and/or course recovery opportunities. Extra curricular activities are also available throughout the school year, including athletics for district students at their neighborhood school, as well as blending academic programs that students may desire to have such as music, drama, and hands-on technical classes.

Course Offerings


  • Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Lifeskills-Health
  • Mathematics
  • Occupational credit qualified
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • World Languages
  • Others: Electives


  • Advanced Placement
  • Credit Recovery
  • Standard


Our student population comes to us as an option for their traditional high school. Students enter our program for variety of reasons. The majority of our students take a class or two online and the rest of their classes at their high school. We have students that are in our program full time and take all of their classes online. Several of our students are considered 5th year seniors. The majority of our students are working to make up courses and catch up from struggling in the traditional high school program. In some cases, students do take online classes to accelerate their graduation or enrich their learning experiences beyond those offered in our traditional schools such as world languages and AP courses.

Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

We require weekly face to face with all full time students to provide academic guidance as well as instructional assistance. In addition, we make every attempt possible to make contact with all our students, full and part time, once a week synchronously with the courses teacher via the phone, in person, or through the use of Google Hangouts. This program is unique in that we have an open lab for students who are in need of extra help sessions. The students can meet and work in our lab when they are in need of extra help. All finals are proctored and students must come in to our lab or their high school counselor’s office to take their final. Our program is run entirely through the Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning) curriculum. There are several options for students to be successful in our program and several options for help sessions.

Courseware Platform

Our program uses the Moodle Platform for our online courses. This platform is web based and can be accessed from any web browser.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2011-2012

Teacher-to-student ratio: 30 to 1

Course completion rate: 70%

Course pass rate: 80%

Student Satisfaction Survey

Peninsula Internet Academy did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.