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River Homelink (Battle Ground)

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Phone: (360) 334-8200

School District: Battle Ground School District

Grades Served: 6-12

OSPI Approval

Approved as a Multidistrict Online School Program Through the 2017-18 school year.


Student Enrollment Instructions:

Students can learn about applying for enrollment in River Homelink (Battle Ground) at


River HomeLink School is a K-12 school comprised of multiple programs in a non-traditional setting. These programs are:
River HomeLink Online offers online providers and courses approved by the Digital Learning Department of OSPI. Students in grades 6 – 12 may enroll part-time or full-time choosing from a wide variety of online courses. All courses are taught by Washington State certified teachers.

River HomeLink Parent Partnered Program offers academic support and curriculum to families who play an active role in the formal education of their children. Students who engage in Home Based Instruction and students who participate fully in Alternative Learning Experiences are served at River HomeLink through these programs:

  • PrimeLink – Students and their parents in grades K-8 meet regularly with an academic consultant who coordinates and assists with the student’s learning.
  • CoreLink – Part of PrimeLink, students in grades 5-8 meet in small classes twice a week and focus on reading, writing, and math. Parents attend classes with the students in order to better facilitate student learning when at home.
  • PrepLink – Students in grades 4-8 meet in small classes twice a week and focus on reading and writing.
  • E-Link and V-Link (formerly ClassLink) – Students meet in a primary-type classroom setting two days each week, with the same teacher for two years. Classes are for grades 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, and 7 and 8. E-Link focuses on reading, writing, math, science, social studies and math with the teacher directing the learning at home. V-Link focuses on writing, science, social studies, and technology with the parents leading the instruction in the other subject areas at home.
  • Middle School Link – Students in grades 6-8, meet in classes twice a week and choose from a stand-alone menu of literature, writing, social studies, science, and math.
  • Exploring Art and Culture – Students in grades 4-8 meet twice a week and study the art, music, drama, and history of four world cultures each year.
  • High School Diploma Program – Students in grades 9-12 meet with a certificated teacher/consultant once every two weeks. Students can earn credit by taking twice a week classes, engaging in contract-based learning, and/or taking online courses or using digital curriculum. Students in grades 11 and 12 can also participate in the regional Skills Center and Running Start.
  • Electives – More than 90 electives in almost all subject areas are offered through multigrade classes. Students in all programs, grades K-12, can take elective classes.

Mission: River HomeLink commits to inspire students with an enthusiasm for learning and to support families through a unique variety of quality educational opportunities in a safe environment.
We Believe:

  • All children can learn
  • All children need a safe/secure environment in order for learning to occur
  • Children learn in different ways
  • That parents are ultimately responsible for their children
  • In partnering with parents for their students’ education
  • In setting realistic goals
  • In mutual accountability
  • In cultivating an atmosphere of respect
  • In connecting personally with students and their parents which motivates us all
  • In preparing students for the next step

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2012-2013

Teacher-to-student ratio: 1/25.5

Course completion rate: 97%

Course pass rate: 93.5%

Student Satisfaction Survey

River Homelink (Battle Ground) did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.