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Wenatchee High

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Phone: (509) 664-3865
Fax: (888) 886-4588
Student information privacy policy:

School District: Wenatchee

Grades Served: 9-12

OSPI Approval

Approved as a Single District Online School Program Through the 2016-17 school year.


Student Enrollment Instructions:

If you plan on taking a class you must first register, then take the printed registration information (3 forms) to your counselor at Wenatchee High School for scheduling.

You will NOT BE REGISTERED without submitting and taking the three signed forms to your counselor for signature and approval!

During the first week of your course you will be required to take an online student orientation as the first assignment within your course. The orientation will have a quiz associated that will be part of your course grade and provide verification of your orientation.

WIA classes will officially be starting for 1st semester on the first Monday following the first day of school.

WIA classes will officially be starting for 2nd semester on the first Monday following the first day of 2nd semester.

Ten days after the first day of school is the deadline to register for all first semester courses. You may enroll in courses up to this date until they are filled.

Online registration is first, then you must take all signed forms to the counseling office for official registration into our student scheduling system.

Required signed forms for registration:

1. Ethics – Will be included in the PDF attached to your registration email

2. Policy – Will be included in the PDF attached to your registration email

3. Visit ( to register, print, sign, and turn all forms into WHS!


The Wenatchee Internet Academy is a Web-based educational environment that offers high quality online courses to students registered in the Wenatchee School District. Courses are designed and taught by Wenatchee High School instructors.

Our Mission

  • Provide quality distance education
  • Offer advancement and acceleration
  • Exp and access to subject areas
  • Provide flexible access
  • Prepare students for additional learning

High Instructional Quality

  • Experienced high school teachers and subject matter experts have developed each course to align with district, state, and national standards.

Course Offerings


  • Lifeskills-Health
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Others: PE


  • Standard


Target Audience

Students who need to take more than a full load to accommodate other electives will be great candidates for these online classes. Students must be self motivated and responsible. These courses are not for credit-retrieval purposes.

Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

Students can access their classes at any time, 24/7. Courses use a variety of strategies to deliver the content.

The WIA system includes a variety of tools to track and report student participation.

Students and their teachers can participate in real-time chats as well as exchange ideas in a forum setting. Student groups work together on projects to reinforce course material and develop collaborative skills.

In forums, students can share their ideas, questions, and answers in an asynchronous setting that allows careful reflection before posting.

Online Assessments
Student work is assessed in several ways, including multiple choice tests, true/false, matching, short answer, projects, work examples, portfolios, and essays.

Necessary Skills
Students need basic skills in computer use. They must know how to work within either a Windows or Macintosh environment, how to navigate the web using their favorite browser, how to use standard e-mail, and Google Documents.

Necessary Software
Students need a web browser and a high speed internet connection. For course assignments, access to a school district Google account will be required.

Courseware Platform

Moodle is our Learning Management System and will be used along with our Wenatchee Public Schools Google Applications.

Student Performance and Demographics

Data for school year: 2014-2015

Teacher-to-student ratio: 1:17.2

OSPI School Report Card (includes test scores, demographics, and more).

Student Satisfaction Survey

Wenatchee High did not participate in the student satisfaction survey.