Provider Responsibilities

Offer “online courses”

Public school programs and private entities offering courses which meet the definition of an online course are required to seek OSPI approval in order for student participation in those courses to be claimed for state basic education funding. Entities not offering online courses are not subject to OSPI approval.

Seek OSPI online provider approval

When seeking approval, online providers need to determine which approval pathway best suits their intentions and targeted audience.

Meet approval requirements

In order to apply for approval, all providers must first accept all of OSPI’s online provider approval assurances which include the provision of a Washington certificated Highly Qualified teacher for all Washington enrollments.

Disclose current data and information

All providers must disclose profile information and data via a required annual report in order for approvals to be renewed.

Online course providers must disclose the districts in which they operate as well as student completion and passing data.

At the point of annual renewal, single district online school programs emerging as “multidistrict” must opt in to multidistrict status or refrain from enrolling out-of-district students.

Respond to failures to meet achievement thresholds

Any provider subject to outcomes-based monitoring (i.e., programs and providers serving more than 20 students) found to not meet performance thresholds will be brought into the approval rescindment process which includes the submission of a corrective action plan.