Approval Reviewers

As defined in RCW 28A.250, multidistrict online providers are required to go through a quality review process. Part of this process necessitates using reviewers to score application evidence. The Approval Reviewers are required to:

  • Successfully complete online training.
  • Fully understand the review criteria.
  • Maintain and manage confidential files until the completion of the review process. (See the Conflict of Interest & Confidentiality Statement.)
  • Prepare accurate reviews using online scoring forms.
  • Be detail-oriented, have the ability to work independently, and accurately follow directions.
  • Have no contact with any applicant during the application and review periods.
  • Complete provider reviews within assigned deadlines and participate in all review related meetings/events/discussions.
  • Serve as an Approval Reviewer for a minimum of one full review cycle, including appeals. We prefer a two-cycle commitment, but it is not required.

Important Dates and Time Commitment

Reviewers are required to commit to no less than 25 hours of service. Prior review cycles required approximately eight hours for training and five hours per each reviewed application. The majority of time will be expended in according to the following time line:

  • January: participation in online training.
  • February through mid-March: participation in initial reviews and review discussions.
  • Mid-April through mid-May: participation in appeal reviews and review discussions.

Conflict of Interest

Individuals who currently work or manage a contract with a multidistrict online K-12 provider shall not serve as an OSPI approval reviewer due to the potential for a perceived conflict of interest.

If you have questions, please call (206) 616-9940 or email

Note: We are not actively seeking Approval Reviewers at this time.