Approval Reviewer Training


Thank you for agreeing to serve as an Approval Reviewer! This online training will provide valuable information on your roles and responsibilities, and serve as a guide to our online training sessions.

  • Section 1 is designed to orient you to the Approval Process and your role in it.
  • Section 2 is designed to ensure your understanding of the criteria used to score applications and to introduce you to the scoring process.
  • Section 3 is a practical guide to gauge your understanding and to model scoring and discussion expectations.

There are four types of activities within this online training:

  • Study
  • Reflection
  • Application
  • End of Section Assessment

Approval Reviewer Prerequisites

Approval Reviewers should meet the following baseline requirements for the position:

  1. Successful completion of required Approval Reviewer training.
  2. Ability to digest large amounts of written information for the purpose of fully understanding the review criteria.
  3. Be detail-oriented, have the ability to work independently, and accurately follow directions.


Successful completion of the Approval Reviewer training will enable you to:

  1. Understand the Provider Approval Process.
  2. Understand the criteria used to score applicant providers.
  3. Create a DLD Account to access applicant evidence.
  4. Understand how to score provided evidence against the criteria in an unbiased way.
  5. Complete criteria-based scoring and feedback using online score sheet.
  6. Participate in scoring discussion protocols.

Technical Assistance During Your Service

Throughout your service as an Approval Reviewer, if you are unable to access the Approval Reviewer Resources page, submit review score sheets, or have other technical issues, contact the DLD.