Provider Review Process

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Qualifying multidistrict online providers offering online courses for which state basic education funding will be claimed are subject to the approval process.

The review process is described in RCW 28A.250 (Content opens in a new window.) and WAC 392-502 and is broken into three sections:

  1. Preparation
    1. Determine eligibility.
    2. Obtain/hold accreditation.
    3. Attend a pre-application webinar (strongly encouraged).
  2. Application
    1. Complete web-based application.
    2. Complete certificate of assurances.
    3. Provide supporting evidence for the criteria.
    4. Provide access to at least two full course demos per program grade span.
    5. Provide reviewers access to orientations, navigation tutorials, etc. (strongly encouraged).
  3. Scoring and after the approval process
    1. Applications scored by Approval Reviewers.
    2. Appeals (if not approved in initial review).
    3. Approved Provider orientations.
    4. Reporting.
    5. Monitoring (and rescindment).
    6. Renewal.

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