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Algebra I Sem 2

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  • Spring 2016
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Algebra I Sem 1

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This course is presented in two semesters covering 30 lessons and submissions, two midterms, and two semester exams. Semester One consists of lessons 1-16, and Semester Two consists of lessons 17-30.

The lessons walk you through example problems, step-by-step, to prepare you for the submissions that follow. Important vocabulary is shown in blue bold type, and formulas and definitions are given throughout. It is important that the student create a notebook or formula card on which to write vocabulary and formula to remember.

The submissions consist of a number of multiple choice questions that test the material covered in the lessons. Some submissions may contain short answer

questions as well. The midterm exams draw on questions covered thus far in the submissions, and the finals do the same.

Course Objectives

1. Manipulate, solve, graph and factor equations using proper mathematical techniques.

2. Explain, justify, verify, interpret, draw and label mathematical statements, graphs and word problems.

3. Evaluate expressions, graph equations, draw scatter plots and best-fitting lines.

4. Classify, manipulate, solve and factor polynomial expressions.

5. Explore the parameters, terminology, and concepts involved in creating, identifying, and solving different variable expressions and equations.

Focus Questions

The following is a list of the key concepts and ideas that you should understand by the completion of the course.

1. What rules must one follow in order to properly manipulate an algebraic expression?

2. What are variables and how are they used in mathematical statements?

3. How do you manipulate and solve equations containing variables as well as use variables to solve word problems?

4. How do you graph a line given the equation or write the equation of a line based on its graph?

5. What is factoring, what are the purposes of factoring, how many ways are there to factor and how do you know when to factor?

6. What are polynomials and how do you classify, add, subtract, multiply, divide and factor them?

Standards Alignments

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Syllabus / Outline

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