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9, 10, 11, 12
0.5 (High School)
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NCAA High School Code: 470109

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  • Spring 2016
Completion Time: 18 weeks, 2-3 submissions per week


Course Cost: $245.00 (Spring 2016)
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This one-semester elective course is intended as a practical, hands-on guide to help you improve your study habits and enhance your prospects for academic success, now and in the future.
This course is not divided into units and doesn't have pretests by which you can earn credit. Instead, it is designed to help you improve your study skills regardless of your skill level at the time that you take the course. It is structured into lessons and Course Activities as follows: The first five lessons are about specific aspects of studying. Before and after these lessons, you will assess your study habits in two Course Activities. The last three lessons focus on writing as a process and using that process to write a research paper. The lessons are followed by a Course Activity in which you will submit a research paper.
You will submit the Course Activity documents to your teacher and will check your own answers in the Lesson Activities that accompany each lesson. Each lesson also has an online threaded discussion and a multiple-choice mastery test. A multiple-choice end-of-semester test completes the course.
Because this course is designed to help you improve your academic effectiveness, you are encouraged to use it in direct conjunction with other classes you are taking. For that reason, if you would benefit from a different way of sequencing the content to better support your academic needs than the order in which it is presented here, you are encouraged to work with your teacher or other administrative personnel to adapt the course content as needed. For example, if you are writing a research paper early in the semester, you might want to take the last three lessons earlier in the term.
The Course Activities (submitted to the teacher) and the Lesson Activities (self-checked) are a major component of this course. They will guide the majority of the learning that you will do for this course as they ask you to assess your current ways of studying, make plans for improving them, and report on the results of the changes you have made.

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