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AP Calculus A/B Sem B

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10, 11, 12
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Advanced Placement
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NCAA High School Code: 470109

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  • Spring 2016
Completion Time: 18 weeks, 2-3 submissions per week


Course Cost: $245.00 (Spring 2016)
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AP Calculus A/B Sem A

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Calculus is the mathematics of change. It is used to solve complex problems that are continuously evolving and would otherwise be unsolvable with only algebra and geometry. This online advanced placement course is designed to prepare students to become deep mathematical thinkers. They will explore the calculus concepts of limits, differentiation, and integration and apply those concepts in meaningful ways.
The course is split into two semesters. The first semester focuses on the concepts of functions, limits, and differentiation and their applications. The second semester builds off the first semester to focus on integrations. It will cover topics such as the definite and indefinite integral and their applications, inverse function, and techniques for integrating.

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