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New York State Common Core Mathematics Curriculum: Geometry (Module 1)

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Note that this resource was reviewed during the Spring 2014 review period. The resource may or may not have been updated since the review. Check with the content creator to see if there is a more recent version available.


This resource was reviewed by OSPI in Spring 2014. Learn more about the review process and the data analysis approach.

The version reviewed was last updated: 8/11/2013.

Background from OER Project Review Team is developed and maintained by the New York State Education Department. In order to assist schools and districts with the implementation of the Common Core, they have provided curricular modules and units in P-12 ELA and math that can be adopted or adapted for local purposes. Geometry consists of a high-level outline (curriculum map and module overview/assessment bundle) for instruction and a set of curriculum materials following that outline – including topic overviews, daily lesson plans, extensive problem sets, guiding questions, examples of proficient student work, and other materials. Currently only Module 1 of Geometry is available and that was the only portion of the curriculum reviewed. The full course should be complete by summer 2014. This should factor into the viewer’s analysis of the review results.

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Chart with scale from 0 (Strongly Disagree) to 3 (Strongly Agree). Consistent Content: 3, Rigor & Balance: 3, Practice Connections: 3, Standards for Math Content: 3, Quality Indicators: 2.

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Exemplar if improved (10.8)
Chart with scale of 'meets criteria' from 0 (None) to 3 (All). Alignment: 3.0, Key Area of Focus: 2.8, Instructional Supports: 2.2, Assessment: 2.8.
Module 1 (Topics A-C): Congruence, Proof, and Constructions

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Chart with scale from 0 (Weak) to 3 (Superior). Explanation: 3.0, Interactivity: 1.0, Exercises: 2.8, Deeper Learning: 2.6.
Module 1 (Topics A-C): Congruence, Proof, and Constructions

See standard error chart for the review scoring

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NA - full curriculum not available to review

Comments/Ideal Use:

Given the depth and quality of the teacher directions for moving through the curriculum I feel that even a new teacher could make good use of this product. An experienced teacher would appreciate the added explanations and the vertical alignment from grade to grade and the faithful alignment with the CCSS.


  • Interactive, learner directed internet options are not available.


  • Individual instructors could supplement with sites that they thought were useful.

Comments/Ideal Use:

The ideal scenario would be to have this program, if it were complete, as an additional avenue with an already established curriculum to deliver the materials presented.


  • Lack of scaffolding and technology


  • Build in an additional level of scaffolding throughout the lesson so students who are struggling or who do not understand the concept may have additional structures to help them improve.
  • The lesson in Module 1 was well prepared and would be easy for a teacher to deliver. It would benefit the students immensely if there were additional technologies added that would enable students to be interactive with the concepts.


  • No supports/guidance around ELL and other student needs.
  • The standards for math practice are identified in each lesson, but teachers need more guidance on how to develop and elicit them in this module.
  • It is not clear what to do with the "problem sets" at the end of each lesson.


  • Provide guidance in each lesson on supporting ELL and other struggling learners.
  • Provide more explicit guidance to teachers on eliciting Standards for Math Practice when they are noted in the teacher's guide.
  • Provide suggestions to the teacher on how to use the Problem sets.

Comments/Ideal Use:

No real student interaction within the module/technology. Nice connection to the standards and clearly listed throughout the module. Best used in teacher facilitated classroom setting with ability to download and print materials.


  • Missing technology
  • Attention to Procedural Skill and Fluency - evaluate this component or perhaps it will be better addressed in other modules being released this spring.


  • Include a student driven/initiated learning experience away from the necessary directions listed in the teacher notes. More individual learning opportunities.

Comments/Ideal Use:

This resource would be easily implemented by a novice through veteran teacher. The teacher's guide is laid out very well. Answer keys are easy to follow. This resource is not limited to those with devices. The ability to copy and reproduce as a pdf is great for districts that do not have the access to the latest technology.


  • Very difficult and time consuming to navigate. Scrolling through page after page. Student materials in particular. Remember that many districts will soon have "devices" and that age of "paperless" texts is rapidly coming to the education system!
  • This module is very thorough with GCO1-13. My concern is that the length of this curriculum will be too long for a typical sophomore year once the other domains are added. 45 days is the recommended time frame for a teacher to instruct this module, according to home page for High School Geometry. Not realistic if a teacher desires understanding from his or her students.
  • A need is evident to include other tools when constructing - the student edition states multiple times to use tools but does not specify.


  • Provide a hyper linked table of contents. Also hyper link teacher edition table of contents.
  • Proofs are developed very well. It is possible to cut some of these out. Rigid motion very similar.
  • It would be simple to state use: patty paper, compass, geometry software, etc. in the instructions.

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