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These reviews are provided as part of OSPI’s legislative mandate to develop a library of OER aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Learn more about the materials selected, the rubrics used, the review process, and the data analysis approach in either the 2013 report, the 2014 report, or the 2015 report.



English (6th-8th) Resources

Resource PC/IM EQ AO
Building Evidence Based Arguments: E pluribus Unum (Reviewed Spring 2015)
Odell Education
2.8125,3.0,3.0,2.5,2.75 2.75,3.0,2.75
Farenheit 451: Novel Study (Reviewed Spring 2015)
Better Lesson/Nicholas Gearing
1.875,2.25,2.0,1.75,1.75 2.0,1.25,2.0
Found Poetry with Primary Sources: The Great Depression (Reviewed Spring 2015)
Library of Congress/Alison Westfall and Laura Mitchell
0.6875,1.25,0.5,0.75,0.25 1.0,0.75,1.33
Literacy in ELA: Economics and the Evironment (Reviewed Spring 2015)
NYC Dept of Education/misc. authors
2.4375,2.75,2.25,2.5,2.25 2.5,2.5,2.25
Literacy: Can Animals Think? (Reviewed Spring 2015)
NYC Dept of Education/misc. authors
2.0625,2.5,2.0,1.25,2.5 1.5,1.5,1.75
Middle School Language Arts - 6th Grade: Friendship Unit (Reviewed Spring 2015)
Georgia Virtual Learning
0.625,0.75,0.25,1.0,0.5 1.25,1.0,0.25
Module 1 Unit 1 - War Coming Close to Home (Reviewed Spring 2015)
EngageNY/Expeditionary Learning
2.875,3.0,3.0,2.5,3.0 2.75,2.75,2.75
Module 1 Unit 1 - Percy Jackson and the Hero (Reviewed Spring 2015)
EngageNY/Expeditionary Learning
3.0,3.0,3.0,3.0,3.0 2.75,3.0,2.75
Module 4A Unit 1 - Development of the Adolescent Brain (Reviewed Spring 2015)
EngageNY/Expeditionary Learning
2.75,3.0,2.75,2.75,2.5 3.0,3.0,3.0
Natural Disasters: Nature's Fury (Reviewed Spring 2015)
Library of Congress/Patricia Solfest & Kimberly Wardean
1.0625,1.75,1.25,1.0,0.25 1.25,1.25,1.5
Nature, Naturalism, and The Call of the Wild (Reviewed Spring 2015)
Better Lesson/Devon O'Brian
1.5,2.0,1.5,1.5,1.0 1.75,1.5,1.5
Persuasion Across Time and Space (Reviewed Spring 2015)
Stanford Graduate School of Education
2.4375,2.75,2.25,2.75,2.0 2.75,2.25,2.75
Reading Closely for Textual Details: At the Pole (Reviewed Spring 2015)
Odell Education
2.3125,2.5,2.25,2.25,2.25 2.0,2.5,2.0
Researching to Deepen Understanding: Water References (Reviewed Spring 2015)
Odell Education
1.8125,2.0,1.75,2.0,1.5 2.0,1.75,1.75
The Call of the Wild (Reviewed Spring 2015)
National Endowment for the Arts: The Big Read/Erika Koss
1.125,1.75,1.5,1.0,0.25 1.25,0.75,1.25
The First Emperor (Reviewed Spring 2015)
Student Achievement Partners/Westside District
0.8125,1.0,1.25,0.75,0.25 0.75,1.0,1.25
Unit 1: Under the Sea (Reviewed Spring 2015) Academy
1.125,1.75,1.0,0.75,1.0 1.5,1.25,0.5
Unit 5: Figurative Language (Reviewed Spring 2015) Academy
0.75,1.25,1.0,0.75,0.0 1.0,0.5,0.67
Using Textual Clues to Understand "A Christmas Carol" (Reviewed Spring 2015)
EDSITEMENT! National Endowment for the Humanities
0.9375,1.25,1.0,0.75,0.75 1.0,1.5,1.5
Zlateh the Goat (Reviewed Spring 2015)
Student Achievement Partners/Westside District
1.4375,1.75,2.0,1.0,1.0 1.25,1.5,1.5

The charts above show scores from three of the rubrics used in the review process. Higher bars are better. Click on a rubric name for more details.

The original documents (rubrics, call for proposals, materials reviewed, etc) for the OER reviews can be found here.

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