Getting Started: Schools

This section helps school districts with the decisions and tasks that must be completed in order to start offering DLD online courses to your students. It includes information and resources for the Course Support (CS) team to help students have successful online learning experiences.

1. Sign up your school

2. Build your support team and sign up for the orientation

3. Prepare for online learning

4. Register students in courses

5. Mentor support checklist

6. More information

  • Need to know! (pdf) A two-page, printable "quick sheet" of the key points to know about accessing the registration system and getting a student started in their course.
  • Course codes. Look up state course codes, CIP codes, and DLD codes for every course in the catalog.
  • Drop policy. Learn when charges are incurred for drops.
  • DLD student email. Review how the DLD student email accounts are used.
  • Frequently asked questions. Find answers to common questions.
  • NCAA eligibility. Learn how to determine the eligibility status of a course and practical advice to help the student's NCAA application flow better through the process.
  • Science course information. Review information to determine if an online science course meets your district's requirements for a lab-based course.
  • Summer school. Support students taking DLD online courses during summer school.
  • Tax on purchase of DLD course. Print a certificate to document tax exemption.