District & School Decisions

District and school administrators can make decisions about implementing online courses to positively affect the learning experience of students. Having policies and procedures in place, before students enroll, helps the Course Support (CS) team best support student learning and enables them to respond consistently and fairly to all students and their varied needs. Answering these questions, can help you create policies regarding:

If you need assistance, contact us. You may also refer to the model policy and procedures.


  • Do students have access to online courses otherwise available at the school?
  • Will online courses be used when a student's schedule prohibits enrollment in a local version of a course?
  • Is an online course an option when discipline or other problems make participating in a face-to-face course problematic, even when other options are available (such as taking the course at a later date, with another teacher, or at a nearby school)?
  • Are online courses used for credit recovery only? For enrichment? For grade improvement? Or other reasons?


  • Are students required to complete a local "application process”? The process may include:
    • Parental/guardian permissions
    • Teacher recommendations
    • Verification of minimum academic standing
    • A statement of commitment to the completion of the online course, in order to participate in an online course
  • Who will approve the request: principal, counselor, DLD Registrar, or some combination?


  • Will you offer onsite orientations to help the students get started in their courses?
  • Are students given a scheduled class period during or outside of the regular school day to complete online coursework and connect with their mentor?
  • If students have a scheduled class period on campus:
    • Where will students take their course—computer lab, library, mentor’s classroom, etc—and who will supervise?
    • Will headphones be available for students to listen to audio components of their course?
    • Will the location support World Language students who may have oral assignments to complete?


  • How will credits be applied to student transcripts?
  • How are you advising students about NCAA eligibility for the online course credits? (Check out the NCAA eligibility page for guidance).
  • Have you reviewed the online science courses to determine if you will grant lab-based science credit? (Check out the science course information page for assistance in your evaluation.)


  • Will you require proctored sessions for final, midterm, or other assessments?
  • Will students have the options of using notes during proctored assessments?


  • If the course is not scheduled during the regular school day and not paid for by basic education funding, who will pay for students' online courses? Will it be the total responsibility of the family or shared with the district?
  • If the family pays, are refunds awarded to students for successful completions?
  • Will other funding sources, like Title I monies, be earmarked for online courses?
  • If books or other materials are required for the course and are not available at the school, who is responsible for acquiring them—student or school?
  • If the school acquires books or other materials, how will the materials be accounted for in the district’s materials inventory?


  • Have you given your CS team the authority to make decisions regarding the:
    • Identification of potential online students
    • Selection of appropriate courses
    • Logistical support of online students
    • Application of students' online credits to their local transcripts
    • Execution and monitoring of the district’s online learning policies and procedures with the opportunity to provide feedback for possible adjustment
  • How will you communicate the CS team members' responsibilities to school staff (who does what and who to talk to when staff have questions)?
  • Are you able to help accommodate CS team members' roles in supporting online students by adding some flexibility to their schedules?
  • Are you able to give mentors release time to work with students during the school day and compensate them for time spent on their CS duties outside of their normally contracted hours?