Designate Time and Place

Knowing when, where, and how students will connect to the online course will help them plan and strategize for productive work time. Here are a few recommended models that schools have used.

Class period.
An onsite class period (before, during, or after school) scheduled in a computer lab allows students dedicated time to work on their course and provides direct contact with school-based support. If a student does not have access to a computer outside of school, materials can be downloaded to be completed offline (reading, etc.).

Working at home.
Students access their online courses 24/7, which helps them progress through course content at their own pace.

Community access.
Computing resource centers, libraries, and cafés are good—though typically less reliable, or available—locations for students to access components of their online courses.

If your students are accessing courses from home or the community, please alert families that these computers must meet baseline technology requirements, course-specific technology requirements, supplemental materials, and downloads to be an effective access point for students to their courses.