Monitor Progess

Some students take to online learning like fish to water. Other students need extra support. The best way to know which students need help is by monitoring their progress. This is especially critical during the first few weeks of the course when any sign of a slow start or trouble can be mitigated right away. Keep up with your students' progress by doing the following:

  • Be aware of administrative details for each student's course: drop date, refund policy (when appropriate), and grading policies.
  • Monitor students' progress by means of reports received from course providers, checking the provider's online grade book, and by checking in with students.

Here are some suggestions for helping students who are falling behind or not doing well in an online course.

Assess the problem.
If a student isn't doing well in an online class, check in with the online instructor. Find out if it has to do with late assignments or problems with the subject matter. Check with the student as lack of progress may indicate the student’s discomfort in the online learning environment.

Hold catch-up sessions.
If a student is falling behind in online coursework, you might require the student to stay after school to attend catch-up sessions.

Suggest or arrange tutoring.
If a student needs help with coursework, arrange for a tutor if the resources are available to you. This may be a suggestion you make to the family if they are able to arrange an outside tutor.

Assign students to onsite teachers.
For some classes, such as AP classes, it is helpful to assign students to a teacher at your school who teaches that subject. The teacher acts as a point person for questions about coursework.

Request assistance from the DLD.
If a student isn't receiving ample feedback or response to questions and concerns, contact the DLD.