Choosing a Provider

Tips for choosing an online provider

As you browse the course catalog, you will find many providers offer a similar course. Which provider should you pick? All the providers are OSPI-approved, so we won't recommend one over the other, but we can provide you with information to consider so that you can make sure student and school needs are met.

  • About the online providers. Check here for a list of providers with links to an informative overview that includes student performance statistics.
  • Provider caveats. This information explains how each provider works with the DLD. These "must know" facts and features help with what to expect after a student is enrolled.
  • Registration calendar. Timing is everything! Check to see if the provider is still open for registration and how flexible they are for start and end dates.
  • ALE support. If the student is claimed as an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) enrollment, you will want to know how the online provider and teacher will work with schools to meet ALE requirements.
  • NCAA eligibility. Is the student planning on playing sports in college? Use this page for guidance on checking whether an online provider has NCAA approval for the course. We recommend that this be a check the family makes.
  • Lab-based science credit. It is a local school district decision on whether a science course is lab-based. This page provides guidance and resources on how to review an online course to help make that determination.

Beyond this information, it is important to review the course description, standards alignment, and syllabus in the course catalog to see if the student's learning needs are met by the course.

You are welcome to contact the providers for more information about their courses and how they are delivered. Schools seeking implementation guidance may contact us for assistance, or we can connect you with other schools who have offered to share their experience.