Course Provider Caveats

In an effort to highlight some "must know" facts and features about our various course providers, we've compiled them here for you.

If you have additional provider caveats you think should be shared with your Course Support peers, or if you would like to participate in a provider-specific Course Support orientation, please contact Manager of Online Providers, at

Accelerate Education/Accelerate Online Academy

Books – No textbooks are required, most reading can be found online or embedded directly into the course. Some Language Arts courses ask students to check out reading novels from the local library or purchase online. Any required course materials are also found in the course syllabus.

Course Extension Requests – Mentors can submit extension requests via the DLD.

Grades and Progress, final grades and transcript info for mentors – Student Mentors are emailed credentials to access the Accelerate Ed platform where progress info can be found. Mentors also have access to training upon registration that walks them through mentor tasks. All final grades and transcript requests go through our Accelerate Education Helpdesk. Helpdesk URL:

Registration Confirmation and Login Info – Upon enrollment completion both the student and the student’s mentor will receive a copy of the student’s course login information as well as links to tools and support.

Roles of Support for Students – Students are provided phone, e-mail, and web ticket support avenues. Accelerate Education Helpdesk is open from 8am EST to 8pm PST.

Registration and Orientation – Students are provided a link to the Student Toolbox which contains orientation videos. Student Toolbox Link: Students are also have access to “live” Orientation sessions that are held every Tuesday and Thursday.

Exam proctoring and security – Exams are proctored locally by the assigned Student Mentor.

Attendance – Attendance is monitored and a report is shared with the assigned student mentor once a week.

Plagiarism/Cheating – Our Policy for Plagiarism is outline in our AE Handbook. This can be found online in the Student Toolbox:

Auto withdrawal policies – Students can withdrawn within 15 days without penalty.

Student email – Accelerate Education uses the student’s DLD e-mail address to communicate. Accelerate Education will not assign a new e-mail.

Advanced Academics

Textbooks and materials required for participation in Advanced Academics courses MUST BE PURCHASED BY THE SCHOOL OR STUDENT; book information can be found in the Other Materials field in the AA course descriptions in the DLD online course catalog. Schools and students should consider the time required to order and receive the materials when selecting the start date for student registrations.

Course Extension requests:
Extension requests should be made directly to Advanced Academics at a cc: to prior to the scheduled end date. An additional charge of $30 per each 7 day extension will be added to the course cost if term exceeds 150 days.

Grades and progress information:
Mentors can access progress and final grade reports via the online mentor system; students can see real-time grade reports upon logging in to the AAI courseware system.

Registration confirmations:
Students will receive, via auto-email, a welcome message including course URL, login information and term dates; new students receive two messages: one with student account info and another with course enrollment info. Mentors do not receive any notice of enrollment but will receive their own Mentor welcome message including URL and login information to access the AAI mentor system.

Returning students will receive only their usernames and not their passwords. Forgotten passwords can be retrieved by calling 1.866.235.3276 and providing their day phone number or by mentors who can login to the ROADS system to change them.

Third Party Course Offerings:
In order to provide customers and students with additional curricula and learning opportunities, Advanced Academics has carefully selected content from respected third parties to be hosted in ROADS, Advanced Academics’ learning management system. Courses requiring a single sign-on link to Connexus®, Connections Learning by Pearson’s learning management system. Required textbooks are available in ebook format for these courses.
From the ROADS classroom homepage, a student will click on a class name; the class will open to the Connexus Lesson Viewer in a new window. Students can access “Talk to a Teacher” and ClassMail to communicate with Advanced Academics teachers from ROADS. Class progress and grades will be imported daily from Connexus and will show on the ROADS classroom homepage and in the student Progress Report. Administrators, teachers, and/or proctors will also be able to monitor student progress and grades with the tools in the Reports section on the Administration Web in ROADS. For navigation assistance, contact our 24/7 support team at 877.235.3276.

Apex Learning

Apex Learning will ship requested texts ordered through the DLD Registrar to the Mentor’s attention at the school.

Course Extension Policy and Procedure
Course extensions are discouraged. However, an extension may be agreed upon by ALVS, the mentor, and client organization for extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control. Extensions may be granted to give a maximum semester duration of up to 20 consecutive calendar weeks from the original course start date, based on the previous student progress and communication. It is the mentor’s responsibility to submit extension requests to ALVS Services,, and communicate approved extensions to DLD. Extension Request Forms are found in the Help section of the ALVS course platform (Getting Started > ALVS Student > ALVS Student Policies>ALVS Course Extension Request Form), or can be requested from the DLD. Requests must be submitted to ALVS Services for approval and confirmation by the school mentor, to ensure that student is meeting local expectations. Students not approved for course extension, or who require additional time, have the option to reenroll in the course. Work completed by the student previously may be transferred into the new enrollment to allow the student to pick up where they left off.

Grades and Progress Information
Apex Learning provides real time reports to students, site coordinators and mentors to show student performance and progress. Coaches receive a weekly email that provides summary data as well as the ability to look at more detailed information about the student’s progress and performance for the previous week and final grade reports (Grade Letters) are obtainable via the ALVS reporting systems. The data that Apex Learning provides is flexible to meet local policies based on the performance and progress of the student. Mentors should work with teachers to confirm requested mid-term and final grade postings. Courses published by Apex Learning will have real time reporting on the Apex Learning platform. Middlebury courses, (German, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese), will have student and mentor reporting available on the Middlebury platform. Grade Letters will appear for all courses on the Apex Learning platform.

During the school year, students are most successful with an active mentor that proctors work. Mentors help support student progress by proctoring high stake activities while ensuring that local policies are being met. During the Summer, students will have natural proctoring which allows the students to take their high stake activities three days before the activity due date. If the student is moving at an accelerated rate, the mentor and student will want to communicate directly with the teacher to allow earlier activity access.

Registration and Orientation
Apex Learning emails newly enrolling students directions and login credentials after the enrollment order is received from the DLD and processed. New site coordinators and mentors each receive an email from Apex Learning Support with directions and access information. Site Coordinators (DLD Registrars, by default) are able to login to ALVS to look up returning students’ forgotten usernames and passwords. All students receive an introduction from each teacher and are directed to the Student Guided Orientation where the student is shown how to navigate the program and communicate with the teacher. Upon starting the Apex Learning program, mentors are provided with orientation information by email.

Students and mentors participating in Middlebury courses with Apex Learning teachers will also receive Middlebury credentials and Apex-Middlebury Getting Started Guides. Students and mentors participating in Middlebury courses will access the Middlebury platform through the Apex Learning Home site. Users will use their access credentials to then sign in on the Middlebury platform. These resources help ensure that mentor has the tools to help them and their students successfully start the online program.

ALVS Student Getting Started Guide
Apex-Middlebury Student Getting Started Guide (Chinese, Latin & German)
ALVS Mentor Getting Started Guide
Apex-Middlebury Mentor Guide (Chinese, Latin & German)

Roles of Support for Students

  • Teacher – Subject-certified Apex Learning teacher guides student learning and communicates regularly with student and mentor. Most communication will be via email or student Message Center; appointments can be made for telephone or web-conferencing.
  • Site Coordinator – This school employee is able to view student grades and progress through high level reports. Site Coordinators have the ability to add a Coach to a student. By default, the DLD Registrar is awarded the Site Coordinator role in the Apex Learning system.
  • Mentor – School staff member active in proctoring and supporting student locally. Mentor may view grade book and student progress in designated courses at the school site. Mentors may also be added as a Coach. By default, DLD Mentors are awarded the Mentor role in the Apex Learning system.
  • Coach (optional role) – Involved adult community member that is a stakeholder for student accountability, (parent, guardian, school counselor, etc.). The Coach will receive a weekly email report detailing student progress and performance. Coaches should encourage their student outside of school setting. Coaches are assigned by the designated Site Coordinator. The Coach role does not receive information from the Middlebury platform, (German, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese).

Start and End Dates
Standard semester course duration is 18 calendar weeks. Apex Learning is able to accommodate for earlier end dates if students and mentors request earlier end dates with their teacher during orientation. The Apex Learning teacher will adjust the scope and sequence of the course as requested. Purchases of full year courses (two semesters) should expect the 2nd semester to begin the Monday after the 1st semester end date. The 2nd semester start date can be adjusted by the student or mentor by communicating with the Apex Learning teacher during the orientation.

DigiPen Institute of Technology - Online Academies

Students are highly encouraged to attend the live synchronous sessions through An email invitation is sent to students upon registration. All live sessions are recorded and the recordings may be downloaded from the DigiPen Distance Education website. If students have prior commitments and are unable to attend the live sessions, or an occasional absence occurs, they should review the recordings at their earliest convenience and must do so no later than the following live class session.

Textbooks and materials required for participation in DigiPen Online Academy courses are included in the tuition cost. Workbooks are printed by DigiPen, spiral bound, and are mailed. Workbooks take up to a week to arrive after the student enrollment is received. Software resources are provided by DigiPen or are available at no cost online.

Grades and progress information:
Mentors can access progress and the current grade book through the DigiPen Distance Education website. Live synchronous session attendance, login records, and activity reports are also available through the Distance Education website.

Plagiarism / Cheating:
DigiPen holds academic honesty as an important value that all students should and must observe. Students are expected to create their own projects and complete their own homework assignments. Collaborative studying and learning is encouraged, but copying of work is disallowed. Copying assignments and cheating on quizzes will be penalized with a grade of zero, and a second offense will result in removal from the course.

Registration confirmations:
Students and mentors will receive a welcoming email after DigiPen receives the student registration. The welcome email includes a checklist of tasks that should be completed before the first day of class, such as signing up online for the student’s account and installing any required software. Students will receive access to the DigiPen Distance Education website, where their course(s) will be listed. An invitation to the live synchronous sessions through will also be sent. Students and mentors should check their email regularly after applying to the course and start the setup process as early as possible.

Required satisfactory progress:
Students who are not making satisfactory progress on a monthly basis may need to complete an intervention plan and/or may be withdrawn from the online course. A student who does not access the Distance Education website for any continuous 14-day period may be withdrawn from the course at DigiPen’s discretion.

DigiPen sends an electronic grade letter to each student and mentor at the conclusion of the course. The letter includes instructor feedback, final percentage and grade for the course, and credit earned.


AP Textbooks
Advance Placement courses require additional textbooks with the exception of AP French Language & Culture and AP Spanish Language and Culture. Books should be provided by the home district unless otherwise arranged.

Science Labs
Science courses include virtual labs with wet lab options. Virtual labs are highly interactive and they use a variety of simulated lab equipment, including dialysis tubing, beakers, and test tubes. Wet lab guides provide step by step instructions for completing the wet lab under the supervision of a district teacher. Each wet lab option can be used in addition to or in place of the virtual lab.

Edgenuity will allow extensions due to special circumstances such as inclement weather, power outages, etc. Students can make the extension request through their Mentors and online teachers or Mentors can request extensions via the DLD who will process the request through Edgenuity’s enrollment team. The maximum extension will be 10 school days. There will be no fees associated to approved extensions.

Grades and Transcripts:
Edgenuity emails final grades to the student, mentor, and parent (when their email is disclosed at registration) in the week following the end of each semester.

Progress Reports:
Academic snapshots are emailed to students, mentors and parents (when their email is disclosed at registration) as agreed upon with the student’s home school. Students, parents and mentors can access grade information from the online campus at any time.

Registration Confirmations/Login Info:
Edgenuity sends a welcome email to the student’s DLD email account one week before the start of the semester. This email includes login and start-up instructions. This email is also sent to parents (when their email is disclosed at registration) and mentors, detailing their process for logging in and accessing current grades and progress reports.

Required Student Orientations:
Students are required to attend one of the live orientation sessions that are scheduled in the first week of each semester. Students who miss the orientation must watch a recorded version before beginning their coursework. In addition, students must attend a course-specific orientation, led by their instructor, during the first week of the semester.

Some technology courses require the download of additional software. This software will be provided to students and mentors once the student’s registration has been processed.

Weekly Contact Requirements:
Students are required to maintain regular, weekly communication with their teacher, keep pace with the assignments calendar for their course, and attend scheduled class meetings. For students who cannot attend the weekly class meetings, a recording is made available for them to view. Students who are having difficulty completing work on a regular basis will be contacted by their teacher.

EdOptions Online Academy (Edmentum)

Course Extension Requests:
If a student does not complete by their course End Date, zeros will be issued for incomplete work and a Final Grade will be issued. In the event of extenuating circumstances, EdOptions offers a four-week extension for $50. Extension requests should be emailed to EdOptions via the DLD registration system.

Exam proctoring:
EdOptions requires a proctor for all exams; Mentors may serve as proctors.

Grades and progress information:
EdOptions’s parent and mentor login allows parents and mentors to see progress and final grade reports as they are posted in the student grade book.

Student orientations:
EdOptions students are not required to complete orientations, but orientation modules are available at any time throughout the course.

Federal Way Internet Academy

Auto withdrawal policy:
Any student failing to complete the required Federal Way Internet Academy student orientation within the first two weeks will be put on notice to be automatically withdrawn by the Federal Way Internet Academy for inactivity in their online course. Parents/Mentors assigned to these students will receive an email from the Federal Way Internet Academy, prompting intervention to keep the student enrolled in the course.

FWIA courses generally link to required reading online, or require students to read materials readily accessible at local and school libraries. Neither the DLD nor FWIA orders these print materials for your students. AP courses do require a textbook and are provided by iA.

Course Extension Requests:
Internet Academy works with their students to help and guide them to successful completion. Teachers will work on extending time for students, based upon certain criteria including the DLD requirements. The student must be meeting the states weekly academic contact and monthly academic progress requirements. iA is not able to extend classes past the end of the school year date in June.

Course Support roles:
FWIA considers DLD Mentors the primary adult contact for students. FWIA instructors often engage parents, though, when parent contact information is provided during the registration process.

After students have retrieved their FWIA “welcome” email messages and login instructions from their DLD email accounts, all correspondence with FWIA teachers from students should take place through the internal email system within the FWIA learning platform (Angel LMS). Students continue to use their DLD email accounts to communicate with their assigned DLD Tutors.

Grades and progress information:
FWIA will email the Mentor instructions on setting up an Insight Account. The Insight account allows the Mentor to track student progress giving access to the students current grades, log data, syllabi, course content, and teacher/student communications. Mentors may add additional students to their Insight account provided the Mentor has the student’s FWIA User ID and originating passwords. FWIA emails final grades to the student and mentor following each course, and mails a paper copy of grade reports at the end of the school year. Mentors can request the grade report prior to the end of the year via email.

Grading policy:
Federal Way School District grades are based on student meeting standards for the chosen course. Final grades for semester courses will be: A, B, C, F. Credit is not awarded for work not meeting standards (below 70%).

Credit retrieval courses are available for students who have taken the course previously, but not yet earned credit. CR courses begin with a diagnostic to determine which standards the student still needs to meet, and an individual learning plan is developed for that student. When all work on the learning plan has been completed to meet standards, the student earns a C grade and .5 high school credit.

Registration confirmations:
FWIA emails students their account information, including login and start-up instructions; a copy of this email is sent to the Mentor and parents.

Required student orientations:
Students will not have access to their online course and instruction until they have completed the required student orientation.

Science Labs:
Students in their science classes conduct science classes in a variety of ways including gathering needed materials and conducting the experiments at home. Students may also view science experiments online through the use of videos or teacher virtual sessions. Materials are all items that can be easily obtained, are safe, and inexpensive.

Weekly Contact Requirements:
Students are expected to submit work each week following the provided checklist. They are also expected to maintain weekly communication with their teacher, ask for assistance when needed, and respond to e-mails from the teacher. If they are having trouble keeping up with the checklist, they should email their teacher immediately. The teacher is flexible and willing to work with students to meet their needs as they are communicated. If students are unable to meet these expectations, they will be dropped from the class for lack of attendance.

Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning)

Please view our materials list here for specific required materials:

Fuel Education has upgraded to the current version of Blackboard (9.1). One of the new features of this version is the Journal. This journal serves as the primary communication between teachers and students, instead of external email, which will only be used as a backup for students with low engagement. Mentors are still welcome to contact the teacher via email or phone, but students should be encouraged to use the journal to communicate with teachers.

Synchronous Sessions:
Fuel Education offers synchronous sessions as supplemental offerings to help students with course content. These engaging, interactive sessions are facilitated by experienced, highly qualified teachers.

Each session focuses on specific course content, and includes a lecture-style lesson as well as time for questions. The sessions are designed to follow particular course sequencing and are offered at various times throughout the day.

Students can view the schedule for these sessions in their course announcements. The topic for each session is posted in advance so students may plan accordingly. In addition, each session is recorded, so students can view the recordings again at a later date to refresh their memory or review for a test.

Dates of Enrollment:
Upon enrollment, students are provided access to a dynamic scheduler which allows students to enter course start and end dates and generate an approximate schedule by which they should try to complete their course. If a student needs to make adjustments to his/her end date, the request should be submitted by the Mentor or DLD Registrar via the DLD.

Exam Proctoring and Security:
In order to maintain the integrity and security of their courses, Fuel Education has added passwords to ALL unit and final exams.

Also, students should be forewarned that their assessments (quizzes and exams) are designed to be completed in one sitting; they will be “locked out” if they close or have interrupted internet access mid-way through an assessment. These kinds of interruptions will leave students unable to complete the quiz, though mistakenly closed assessments might be re-opened via a request to the online teacher. Mentors should submit reset requests directly to the teacher. Mentors should note that Firefox is a more reliable browser in which to take Fuel Education assessments, as it is less prone to mistakenly closing and locking assessments.

Fuel Education Students:
Fuel Education Quizzes and Exams are password protected to facilitate proctoring by your school. To take a quiz or exam, please contact your Mentor for further assistance. If you are unsure who your Mentor is at your local school or institution, you may refer to your original enrollment confirmation email, or contact our technical support department by visiting or calling our help desk at 1-844-638-3533.

Fuel Education Mentors or Administrators:
Exam passwords can be found within PEAK12. To obtain the password, search for the student and select the course. On the Enrollment Details screen, you will see the password for Unit Tests and Final Exams. If you experience any difficulties or need additional assistance, please submit a support ticket by visiting the Service Station ( Alternatively, you can call the support line at 1-844-638-3533 or use the live chat tool in PEAK to get immediate support.

Grades and Progress Information:
Progress reports are provided weekly through email to mentors. Mentors also have access to PEAK12 which provides real-time progress reports that detail students’ progress and performance in their online courses. These reports reflect grade to date information and % completion statistics. Use PEAK12 to find the progress and grade info for any student (active or inactive) by searching for the student and locating all of the student’s registrations. Select the course in question and then pull up the Activity Detail. Click on the Assessment tab to see when each assessment of assignment was submitted, the date it was graded, the points earned out of the total points possible, and the % score. Within 3-5 days of a student completing a course, Final Grade Reports will be emailed to the student’s mentor. Fuel Education reports numeric grades (based on the percentage of points earned out of the total points possible) for all courses (even credit recovery). It is the school’s responsibility to determine credit based on their own grading systems or policies.

Parent/Guardian access:
When parent/guardian contact information is supplied to the DLD registration system during the enrollment process, Fuel Education will configure assign the Guardian account to the parent/guardian. The person designated as the Guardian will have Read-only access to PEAK and the ability to monitor activity and grades that the student is receiving.

Registration Confirmations:
Fuel Education emails students their account information, including login and start-up instructions; Mentors receive a copy of those welcome messages. When a mentor is assigned to a student or school, they will receive a username and password.

Mentor Training and Resources:
Local, on-site mentors play a valuable and integral role in helping students succeed in an online learning environment. Mentors work directly with students to provide feedback and support, and serve as a liaison between the online teacher and the school community.

The new mentor training course is on-demand, mobile accessible, available 24/7, and can be revisited as often as needed.

Each course is divided into modules that address specific tools and functionalities within the systems. The modules feature interactive lessons and simulation-based activities designed to provide hands-on practice. Most lessons can be completed within 2–10 minutes.
Click HERE: Administrator and Mentor On-Demand Training Course
This training provides hands-on introductions to the system tools and functionalities within the various PEAK systems. Modules include:

  • PEAK Dashboard
  • PEAK Office
  • Account Actions
  • Administrator Actions
  • PEAK Classroom
  • Resources

Please use the following username and password to access a course:
Username: TrainWin
Password: Learn15

Be sure to register the first time you access the page, and bookmark the page to avoid having to re-register. When asked to include your account name, please use your district’s or program’s FuelEd account name, not your system access username.

Note: the username and password will change quarterly. If you need to access the training later in the year, you can acquire the quarterly username and password by visiting our Service Station or by contacting a FuelEd Training Manager or Client Services Manager.

Red Comet

Registration confirmations:
Students will receive, via email, a welcome message including course URL and instructions for accessing their course work and they will also receive their username and password. School staff who want to monitor their students’ progress will also receive their own login and password.

Student/Mentor orientations:
Red Comet students and mentors are not required to complete orientations; however, Red Comet will provide an online demo upon request.

Red Comet courses generally link to online materials, or require students to read materials readily accessible at local and school libraries. Students are not required to purchase any print materials in order to successfully complete the courses.

Red Comet does not mandate proctoring of tests; however, if schools want to proctor their students, then Red Comet will facilitate that by making changes in the platform for that school.

Many science courses have labs that are online and virtual. Students can complete the lab activities online and are not required to purchase any additional materials either from Red Comet or from outside.

Progress Reports:
Red Comet monitors student academic performance and lesson completion. In case of inadequate progress, Red Comet Student Services staff will contact the student’s school staff. School staff also have the option to login to the system to view their student’s progress.

Progress reports will be emailed upon request. Student, school staff and parents may check on status reports by logging into the system. School staff may request a grade report at any time by contacting Red Comet Student Services team. Alternately, they may also access status reports of students by logging into the system at any time.

The Enrollment Expiration Date is displayed for every course. Red Comet sends weekly notices to students if they are behind on their course work.

Upon request, final grade reports will be emailed to the school staff. Red Comet will issue Official Transcripts of Credit and send via US Mail or Fax directly to the Registrar at student’s school.

Course Extension Requests:
Extensions are not typically available at Red Comet; if a student does not complete on time, he will be withdrawn. In the event of extenuating circumstances, Red Comet will consider an extension comparable to the student’s needs. Extension requests should be submitted to Red Comet from the school staff or parent.

Students should be forewarned that many of their assessments (essays and tests) are designed to be completed in one sitting and are timed. Exams will be locked out if they close or have interrupted internet access mid-way through an assessment. These kinds of interruptions will leave students unable to complete the quiz. Students must contact Red Comet if this happens. Red Comet will then re-open the tests for the student to complete.

All Red Comet students are expected to be honest and behave with integrity. There will be no questions asked nor explanations accepted for plagiarism, cheating, or any other acts that suggest that the student has not fulfilled these responsibilities. Any evidence of continued academic dishonesty and plagiarism may result in a grade “F” for the course or for a particular activity. All instances of dishonest behavior will also be reported to the student’s school.

Red Comet allows the student to communicate with teachers and administrative staff via phone, email, fax, online session and discussion board.

Spokane Virtual Learning

SVL courses generally link to required reading online, or require students to read materials readily accessible at local and school libraries. Neither the DLD nor SVL orders these print materials for your students.

Grades and progress information:
Once a student has been enrolled, SVL sends the mentor a welcome message containing the credentials needed to use the “observer” role within SVL’s courseware system. This will allow mentors to view everything going on with the online student, including grades, announcements, and teacher feedback. SVL also sends student progress reports to the student’s assigned Mentor, by email, every two weeks.

Registration confirmations:
SVL emails students their account information, including login and start-up instructions; Mentors receive a copy of those welcome messages.

Required student orientations:
Students will not have access to their online course and instruction until they have completed the required student orientation.