Course Support Sign Up

Course Support (CS) team members are better able to influence student success in online courses when they are prepared and knowledgeable. The DLD requires every DLD Registrar and Mentor to complete an orientation to learn about registration and support procedures and practices.

Each individual team member needs to:

  1. Create a username and password to logon to the system.
  2. Identify your CS team role in the system.
  3. Sign up for the required CS orientation. After you complete Steps 1 and 2, you will be directed to a calendar where you sign up for a training time. The 90-minute orientation is delivered via webinar and designed to give you your bearings in the DLD site and systems, registration, and student start-up.
  4. Participate in the CS orientation. You’ll be poised to begin registering and supporting students in DLD courses as soon as you complete the orientation.

Start the CS sign up process