Registration Checklist

  1. Provide confirmation information to students/families including the provider name, course name, start and end dates, and the location and time the course will be taken (before, during or after school, at school, at home, etc).
  2. Give students instructions and login information for their DLD Student email accounts (hosted by Email accounts are accessible within 24 hours of registration.* Students should check their email accounts on their course start date (or just prior to) for a "welcome" email and other important information. The DLD email accounts expire annually.**
  3. If you offer onsite orientations, inform the students of the date, time, and location of the session.
  4. Let students know who their Mentors are and how to contact them.
  5. Any textbooks or materials ordered for courses in the registration process will be sent to the attention of the Mentor. Students should keep in touch with their Mentors during the first few days of the course to make sure they receive everything they need.
  6. Some course providers require students to complete a pre-course orientation; others have optional orientation information available. We recommend that students take the time to orient themselves to their courses as soon as possible so that nothing important is missed.
  7. Once students are enrolled in their online courses, the Mentor will also receive communications from the online course providers. The various communications expected from each provider are included in our Provider Caveats.
  8. Contact the DLD as soon as possible if either student or Mentor communications have not been received by the students' start date.

* VHS does not send registration confirmations and login information to the students. This information can be located by DLD Registrars within the DLD registration system in the registration roster under "Existing Registrations." Registrars should email VHS login and start date information to students' DLD email accounts upon registration.

** DLD email accounts are assigned to students upon registering for DLD online courses. All accounts will expire annually at the end of each school year (on June 30th) unless the student is already registered for an upcoming semester course (ie, summer or fall or spring of the next school year) or is still active in an existing course registration. Students with expired accounts will be given new accounts and passwords upon registering for a new course. All DLD email users will receive three reminders of the account expiration.