Course Support Roles

Schools can directly influence student success in online courses by selecting interested and qualified staff to the key Course Support (CS) team roles. The DLD has identified the roles, responsibilities, and desired traits.

CS Roles (required by DLD)

Other Key Members of the CS team

DLD Registrar

The DLD Registrar is a member of the school staff who works closely with guidance counselors and is authorized to advise students on the selection of their courses. Adhering to school online course implementation policies, the DLD Registrar:

  • Promotes the availability of online courses to students, school staff, and parents
  • Helps students find the right course
  • Performs all online course registration transactions
  • Maintains the school's online course student roster
  • Facilitates the application of course credit and grades to student transcripts
  • Is the primary contact person for the provider and the DLD for questions regarding enrollment

Desired Traits:

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented
  • Part of the team making decisions about the school's online course policies
  • Familiar with online courses—including technology requirements, prerequisites, and timelines—prior to enrolling students
  • Authorized to assist students in the selection of their courses, to provide academic advising, and to apply credits earned online to student transcripts

Schools may have multiple Mentors, but should have only one DLD Registrar (although the Mentor can fill this role too). DLD Registrars are always included in DLD Course Support communications.

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Mentors are school employees who are assigned to the student upon enrollment by the local school within the DLD registration system. Working closely with online students to ensure a positive and successful experience, Mentors:

  • Monitor student performance and progress
  • Assist with the use of technology and logging in to the course
  • Facilitate communication and foster a student's relationship with the teacher
  • Assist with course participation procedures and gather student grades
  • Provide feedback to the DLD about processes, offerings, and course providers

Desired Traits:

Mentors do not need to be subject matter experts (although some course providers recommend this for students at the AP level). Mentors are always included in DLD Course Support communications.

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School Guidance Counselor

The DLD Registrar and Mentors have a close working relationship with school guidance counselors. It is very important for students’ academic needs to be properly matched with their abilities and expectations of online learning.

View the Practices for Success page for more information about the key elements of preparing a student for online learning.

School guidance counselors are included in DLD Course Support communications by request.

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School Technologist

The building technologist is a key CS team member who ensures that school computers used for online learning meet the DLD's and course providers' technology requirements. The technologist is mainly needed at the beginning of each term to make sure any course-specific plug-ins or technology requirements are addressed.

School technologists are included in DLD Course Support communications by request.

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School Administrator

We recommend the inclusion of an administrator on the CS team. The administrator makes sure school policies for online courses are in place and understood by the CS team and other pertinent school staff. The administrator supports the CS team by facilitating the resolution of any issues that may occur in areas such as student eligibility, schedule and space availability, payment, or cost-sharing practices, etc.

School administrators are included in DLD Course Support communications by request.

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