Registering Directly

If your school is not listed here or is not participating during summer term, you may be able to enroll directly with an OSPI-approved online course provider. Use the DLD catalog as a guide to the courses available to Washington students from approved providers. The family is responsible for paying the course fee if the course is taken during the summer or if it is an additional class beyond the regular school day. The course fee may be a bit higher than what is posted in the catalog when you register directly with the provider instead of registering through a participating school.

Before you get started, you will want to connect with your local school counselor to:

  • Check if the district has preferences on which provider or courses should be used. Some districts require pre-approval before students can enroll directly in online courses.
  • Check if the district has participation requirements for online courses. Some districts require proctoring on all tests and quizzes.
  • Check how the district will award credit for the online course and how it will be recorded on your local school transcript. (For example: Is my math course going to be recorded as a math credit or an elective credit? Will I get a P/F or the actual course grade?)

When you are ready, contact the online provider.

  • To get the provider's contact information, you may use the approved provider list. Click on the provider's name for the contact information. OR, you may use the DLD catalog and click on the course title link. You will see course details and the provider's name. Click on that link to get the contact information.)
  • Explain that you are a resident of Washington--your school does not participate in the DLD catalog, so you need to enroll in the online course directly with the provider.
  • Confirm with the online provider that you will be placed with a Washington certificated online teacher.