Where To Get Help

You may have questions about getting started, an assignment, or a technical aspect of your course that's giving you trouble. Here are the basics on the help available to you:

Online Teacher

Online teachers monitor and guide your progression through the online course content. They answer questions about the course assignments, your grades, and participation requirements.

  • You will find your online teacher's contact information within the online course and/or in the welcome message you received when you enrolled.
  • Online teachers typically provide a combination of ways that you may communicate with them that include:
    • The message system with the course
    • Email or phone
    • Regularly scheduled “office hours” (when they are sure to be available online or on the phone)
    • Discussion threads or online “whiteboard” sessions (found within your course
  • If you have trouble contacting your online teacher, ask your Mentor for assistance.


Mentors help you to connect to your online course and online teacher, as well as monitor your progress throughout the course. They have access to your online grades but are not responsible for grading any of your coursework or answering questions about your course content.

  • Your school's DLD Registrar will tell you who your Mentor is and how to contact that person.
  • Depending on when and how you participate in your online course, you will likely connect with your Mentor in a combination of the following ways:
    • By email or phone.
    • In a school computer lab during the class period your online course is scheduled.
    • In the Mentor's classroom or office on a regularly scheduled basis (to be determined by you and your mentor) or on an as-needed basis.

Online Course Provider Technical Assistance.

Technical assistance is intended to help resolve problems with accessing and using the online course platform and the various technical aspects of the online course (ie, logging in, viewing embedded videos and links, submitting assignments, etc).

  • Provider technical assistance may not necessarily be able to help resolve issues with your local computer or internet capabilities.
  • You will likely find contact information for provider technical assistance within the online course or on the course login page. You may also be able to find it in the welcome message you received from the provider when you enrolled in the course or via the provider’s linked name on the DLD website.
  • Technical assistance generally comes in a variety of ways including email, phone, ticketing system (requires filling out a form via a link on the provider's site or within the course) or a discussion thread for technical Q & A found within your online course.